Join the GetResponse Newsletter Directory


Looking for additional channels to promote your offers? Now you’ll have the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers. We’ve just launched a new site where you can advertise your newsletters and build your list – and brand − for free.




For some time now you’ve had the opportunity to showcase your newsletters by publishing them in our web archive – your virtual GetResponse business card and resource library. Now you can also add them to the new GetResponse Newsletter Directory which groups the entries by industry for better searchability.


Now it’s even easier for prospects to find your products and services while they’re browsing the Internet. Plus you know your information is on a trusted site with lots of qualified visitors. Finally, you can add to your campaigns anytime – all free, courtesy of GetResponse.


We recommend that every time you send out a campaign, you give it a chance to reach a wider audience by adding it to the Newsletter Directory. It’s really easy, so why not try it!


Here are some tips to help you get published fast.


You can decide to place all the newsletters from a given campaign in the directory from your campaign settings using the RSS/Web archive tab. You’ll find an additional option there to choose a category for your newsletters. By choosing one and saving the settings, all your newsletters from that campaign will be automatically published in the Newsletter Directory, in the category you chose.



Your campaign newsletters will be displayed in the list of all the industry newsletters on this site and your special offers and services will be available for browsing by potential customers. There WILL be other entries so don’t forget to make the descriptions appealing enough to attract their attention.


Note: You can also add newsletters from this page directly by clicking on the “Add newsletter” button that will send you to the login screen and, ultimately, to the RSS/Web Archive settings of your campaign.



Let us know how you’ll be using this FREE advertising opportunity. And… watch for the next updates. 🙂