Major Changes in GetResponse Campaign Settings


We continue changing and improving GetResponse for your convenience and ease of use. This time, you’ll see some significant changes in the campaign settings when you log in to your GR account (unless you already have)… all good we hope! Let me explain what they do and why.

First, we’ve streamlined the campaign settings tabs. Instead of the Languages tab, now there’s an Opt-in tab.

This means that the Contacts tab is gone as well, as it contained most of the opt-in settings. So, what WILL you find in the new Opt-in tab?

Here’s a summary:

  • Opt-in settings for individual subscription channels
  • Confirmation template along with language selection
  • Custom Confirmation page set up
  • Custom Removal page setup.

At the bottom of this tab, you’ll also find Advanced Settings where you’ll be able to choose the way your contact data is forwarded and enable/disable the multiple unsubscribe option.

You’ll also find some major changes in the General settings tab, where you’ll now be able to set up, among others:

  • Campaign language
  • Sub-domains
  • Incoming email forward address
  • Default name for a new contact.

And that’s not all! The remaining changes include the following:

  • Email Notification, as well as your Subscription Email Report, have been moved to Advanced Settings in Subscription Statistics, and
  • the Performance Email Report went to Advanced Settings under Performance Statistics.

The changes embrace all language versions and you’ll find them when you log in to your GetResponse account next time (you may want to keep this blog post handy).

Having completed this round, we’re planning to introduce further changes in the Campaign Settings next week. We will, of course, inform you straight away. Until then, be sure let us know how the new Campaign settings work for you and feel free to recommend more improvements.

  • Hi, I have a small double optin list of 570 subscribers on Aweber.
    Is it possible to move this list across to Get response?


  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Sure, Andy, please contact our support for detailed instructions. Call 1-877-362-4547 or drop us a line Cheers.

  • Web Audio Player Dude

    That’s great…

    I love to see the continual efforts to make the GUI more user friendly and easy to manage for us.

    Love the fact that you’re also keeping up with the competition and gaining more grounds too… 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next.


  • Ken

    My campaign name in getresponse is teamcuellar. You want me to change my login password but I never got the new password sent to me so now I can’t log into my account.



  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Ken,

    Just to be clear – are you logging in to your account using your campaign name? You should be using your username – which is not the same as the campaign name. Please contact our support if you have any problems with this. Hope this helps.

  • i don’t know if this is the right place to ask but i have some questions regarding “Pass Form Data”.

    i have specified a confirmation page url and after a subscriber clicks the email confirmation but no variable was passed.

    am i missing a step in here?


  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Lyndon, it’s best if you can contact our support and they will sort you out best on this. Call 1-877-362-4547 or use the live chat from your account. Thanks!

  • Hi

    You are talking about improvement suggestions: in February I asked support about the ability to add a subscriber to more than I list – without having to manually copy (as you can on Aweber). I was told that it was on your ‘To Do’ list, but there was no date for implementation. Can you confirm it is your intention to do this: and have you a date when you might do it?

    Many thanks.

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Malc, indeed this is on our “to do” list as one of the next functionalities to be implemented within the next few months. At this point there’s no exact date yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know the details. Also, stay tuned in to our blog and our Facebook profile where we’ll be informing about the coming functionalities. Cheers.