Manage Suppression Lists in GetResponse by

You asked about this feature so here it is!  Starting today, you can add and manage suppression lists when sending out a newsletter. This means you’ll now be able to block entire mailing lists in one easy step.


No more having to manually fish them out or segment your list every time you send a message. This is incredibly convenient when your campaigns include email IDs that have opted-out from updates on particular products or services.


Here’s how it works:


Choose Suppression Lists from your Contacts menu in the GetResponse panel. In the menu, you’ll be able to add suppression lists in .csv or .txt formats, or enter contacts in a box and save as a suppression list. When you do the latter, you can also add MD5s or a domain name (e.g. so that all the contacts from that domain will be excluded.




Add any list you’ll need at any time – you’ll simply choose the appropriate one before you send each newsletter.


Now to do that, create a newsletter message just as you normally would.


When you’re ready to create your recipient group, you can now select a suppression list from the “Exclude Recipients” submenu. These email addresses − even if they’re included in the campaigns you send the newsletter to − will NOT receive the newsletter you’re currently sending.



This is yet another option you can use to make sending your newsletters more efficient and convenient. We hope you find it useful – please let us know in the comments.

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  • More GReat Feature from Getresponse!
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