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Can Facebook Democratize Omnichannel Retail?

Nov 30, 2016 by

Content and social media marketing isn’t just for e-merchants. You might be utilizing the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to build awareness of your high street presence, and may very well be marketing your wares across these channels as well. Furthermore, you’ll have also at some point made the wise decision to open up […]

The Funniest Brands In Online Marketing

If you have paid any attention to some of the biggest online marketing campaigns you’ll know one thing for sure: Funny sells online. This is because laughter is deeply connected to happiness, and emotions are what truly drive people to share content. If you’re looking to use emotions to drive your online marketing, ‘happy’ is […]

4 Keys To Marketing Success

Nov 24, 2016 by

Successful online marketing requires efficiency and consistency. In order to increase output and continually stay in front of customers, many businesses are resorting to marketing automation. However, in order for marketing automation to work, it’s important for businesses to do it the right way – without compromising engagement.

6 Easy Steps To Do Content Marketing In E-Commerce

Nov 21, 2016 by

They say “content marketing is the only marketing left” and “content is king.” And I get it. I really do. “Content” is the latest marketing buzzword that has penetrated every industry out there — E-Commerce is not an exception. With more than 12 million online stores in existence, content marketing has quickly become the way […]





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