Marketing Automation, Now Within Reach


The modern model for successful marketing requires that you be present and active via all available communication channels while maintaining close, highly personal relationships with your customers and prospects. Add the requirement for top-quality marketing content, and you’ve got a challenge many fail to meet for a simple reason: lack of time and technology.


The supposed and promised key to success is marketing automation, a term that still sends shivers down the spines of many of us. Needlessly. Technology can help us automate the information flow increase our brand exposure, help generate leads, demand and interest, and manage customer relationships on a person-to-person level.


And now it’s within your reach.


GetResponse provides you with solutions – integrated into our system a long time ago – that make it all happen. Check yourself and find out whether you’re taking advantage of all the automation capabilities of your GetResponse account.


1. Social brand


Do you really need an army of community managers to create a presence online and multiply marketing impact to distant audiences? Not quite so.

To get more leads, more brand exposure and more buzz, all you need is to facilitate the information flow by integrating your site, blog, email and social accounts. Let it all happen – automatically.


  • Publish your web form on your blog and Facebook fan page and invite your visitors to join you for more interesting content.
  • Enable blog update announcements via newsletter to keep your subscribers up to date.
  • Set automated Twitter and Facebook account updates whenever you send out a newsletter, so that your irresistible offer can reach more interested potential audiences.
  • Ask your subscribers to create buzz and promote you online by click-sharing it via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network. All you need to do is add social share icons to your newsletter – anywhere you want.


2. Across the (online) universe


Your business activity requires using various software and platforms. The best way to maximize their effectiveness is to synchronize them to enable the unrestricted, automated dataflow between the various online environments and frameworks in which you operate.


Connect your email marketing, CRM, CMS and e-commerce, and reach extends to targeted, engaged prospects that are already familiar with your brand and service. There’s no better way to build your leads database then to import them from a reliable source – your other accounts.


3. Nurture automatically


To say that “you need up to 5 business touches to close a sale” is a cliché. Yet it’s true. The modern lead requires attention, care, respect and a personal approach.

Impossible with your email list size? Wrong. That’s why God created autoresponders.

Take time to optimize your follow-up cycle to foster customer relationships with a perfectly targeted, engaging and personalized email cycle that comes at just the right time. If you get it right, it may serve for years with only minor modifications.


4. Speed testing


For all those who give up testing due to lack of time – you don’t need to leave it to luck anymore. The burdens of manual email tests against the limitations of each email client have been replaced by Inbox Preview.

Simply click once, and within second you’ll see real-time views showing how your email will render in your recipient’s inbox. There’s no excuse for not testing anymore.


5. Segmentation for beginners


You’ve always wanted to have your email list segmented, but lack the time, motivation and experience. Well, we can’t promise miracles, but with our one-click engagement-based integration tool, life really gets easier.

Each group of recipients in your email stats now can be addressed separately in no time: those who opened, didn’t open, clicked, and converted can now be sent perfectly targeted email creatives, directly based on their behavior.


These are only some of the ways GetResponse can help you automate repetitive tasks and dataflow, to save you time and effort.

Test Getresponse account to learn more. Then tell us which functionality you find the most useful.