Marketing Automation: Prepare For The Perfect Tool (New Release Info Available)


Marketing automation has been a hot topic, on the minds of most marketers around the world, for some time now. Many of them still think of it as a tool reserved for big companies, huge marketing budgets, and advanced marketers. What if we told you there’s a tool flexible enough that it can be adjusted to the needs of both those who are just starting out and marketers who are already experienced marketing automation users?


But first, some facts

The internet is full of stats on marketing automation adoption, its effectiveness, and marketers’ expectations. Let’s just take a few examples:

  • According to Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights, and a poll he did last year, marketing automation is one of the biggest trends for businesses this year, following content marketing and big data.
  • And according to Salesforce, 67% of marketing automation-users listed this technology as “very effective/effective”.

The list goes on and on, and those that have had the chance to use marketing automation probably don’t need to be convinced of its benefits. What they need is a tool that would meet their expectations and help them achieve their goals.


What do you as a marketer expect of a marketing automation tool?

The latest Ascend2 “Marketing Automation Trends Survey” (2016) lists the most important strategic goals of a marketing automation strategy, including increasing lead generation (61%), lead nurturing (57%), and sales revenue (47%), followed by improving customer engagement (36%), marketing productivity (29%), improving measurability (28%), and campaign targeting (22%).

This shows how wide a variety of marketing goals can be achieved through a marketing automation tool. A great marketing automation tool will help you connect all the dots, collect detailed data for your customers, and build it into a complex picture where all elements are interrelated, working smoothly as a perfect machine to increase conversion, whatever yours may be.

Sounds convincing enough? We thought so.


So what should the perfect marketing automation tool be like?

Let’s focus on a few key things:



Well, first, a great marketing automation tool will allow you to build much more detailed subscriber profiles so you can really get to know them better. It’ll help you change the way you see your email list, and focus on individual subscribers, sending them relevant communication based on their history, actions, and preferences.



Perhaps you’ve been thinking of using marketing automation but you’re worried that it’s too complicated. How about a tool that’s flexible enough to let you adapt it to your needs – and grow with you as they expand? A tool that lets you start with a very simple workflow – as simple as assigning a tag to a subscriber. And then, taking small steps, growing into a complex graph that will map the whole of your customer’s journey.

Or you can just start with something much more advanced from the very beginning – this is completely up to you.



Marketers are different when it comes to the level of knowledge and experience, but they also have different business needs and work styles. A great marketing automation tool will give you countless possibilities, allowing you to carry out one scenario in many ways, just the way you yourself imagine it.



A great marketing automation tool will be clear enough so that you can easily see where all the paths lead and who’s in a given workflow. It’ll allow you to easily move people from one workflow to another to create one comprehensive and coherent communication plan. Easy to design and following an “if-then” logic, it’ll allow you to build a tree of conditions that can keep on growing. And it’ll combine all the conditions, actions, and filters in one place so that you can clearly see what works in your communication and make necessary adjustments.



There are no limitations as to what you can do with marketing automation. A great tool will allow you to use the workflows virtually for any business need you can come up with. You can use it to create and send:

  • welcome series for new customers
  • win back campaigns
  • purchase follow-up cycles
  • webinar reminders and follow ups
  • or actually, any kind of reminders
  • long-term loyalty campaigns
  • individual online training plans
  • reward programs
  • sales team cadence campaigns
  • your own early-warning systems to help you see when your customers’ activity has gone down
  • anything you can think of

Each industry can adapt marketing automation to its needs and goals, be it increasing conversions, reducing churn, or maximizing customer engagement. It’s up to you what you’ll use it for!


Update: We asked, we listened, and that’s what we’ve got for you

Last week we asked you to share your thoughts and ideas about the perfect Marketing Automation tool, and how you would like to use it for your own business. We were thrilled to see so many great comments, use-cases, and support from all of you – so much that, we just couldn’t wait any longer!

That’s why we’ve decided to reveal some more details about the upcoming beta version release, which you’ll get to use…well we can’t tell you when just yet ;).


What will you find inside the GetResponse Marketing Automation beta version?


1. Actions, Conditions, Filters – Marketing Automation will be based on if-then logic; where you can define conditions, and then actions following those conditions any way you want. With this suite of powerful conditions, filters, and actions, you can create workflows that define a whole subscriber journey and experience.

You think that’s cool? Keep reading – based on the conditions you choose, your subscribers can be moved or copied between your lists automatically.


2. Marketing Automation Workflows – Workflows are compilations of the different conditions, actions, and filters you put together to communicate with your subscribers. It’s a clear visual representation of your communication plan.

Use them to welcome your new customers, reward customer engagement, create a holiday promotional campaign, or launch an online course. Make them simple, or complex – however you want. The workflows are totally scalable for goals of all size.


3. Scoring – Scoring helps you track and rate customer actions. You can use the insights that you collect to measure the value of your contact database. Scoring points are a dynamic value that you can increase, decrease, or remove depending on your business goals. You can decide which user behavior to award with extra points and which to ignore.


4. Tagging – Tagging allows you to label anyone in your contact database. Tags in GetResponse work the same way you might know from other services, like WordPress. You can assign any number of tags and use them to build personalized and relevant communication with subscribers in your contact database.


5. What else is new?

GetResponse Marketing Automation will be in the beta stage for the nearest future. In the next few weeks after the launch we’ll be slowly adding new features for e-commerce businesses such as cart abandonment and web traffic and event tracking for more precise measurement and conversion.

…so when is this happening?

Very soon. We’ll be inviting our current customers for exclusive testing. Sooner than you might think, we’ll be inviting everyone else to try it out :).

Release Update (04/28/2016)

Did we say soon? Sorry about the confusion, we’re not really sure who approved this message… but guess what!

We’ve just launched our GetResponse Marketing Automation beta. That’s right.

The first group of our customers has already received their invitation to take part in the testing process. If you’re one of our customers and still haven’t got access to GetResponse Marketing Automation – be on the lookout, the invitation will be coming your way over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, if you want to get a feel for what GetResponse Marketing Automation looks like, you can check it out here.

Feeling psyched? Share the love in the comments or tweet using #GRAutomationHub.

  • Jason Daly

    This has been a long time coming and needs to be implemented into GR soonest, especially as the likes of Active Campaign have been doing this for a long time now at a fraction of the cost of GR!

  • leighstjohn

    I need ‘evergreen’ webinars – as in, pre-recorded & on-demand webinars that can be automated. Currently I use another platform for this but it would be terrific to have it all in the one place.

  • Mack Burnett III

    This is exciting… Finally!!! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Ditto! I would use it for all of the items mentioned above in the post.

  • Jan

    I would like to splittest my autoresponder messages (just like newsletters) and I would like to exclude specific autoresponder messages (offer messages for clients for example) just like you can exclude specific campaigns or lists for newsletters.

  • Wow.. I this is Awesome and Perfect 🙂 Marketing Automation when it comes to build a successful online business are very very important…

  • Tammy

    Automation is to save time (and possibly money) while giving you peace of mind that those processes are taken care of, allowing you to focus on other things.

  • Hi, I currently use infusionsoft for automation – and there are 2 key things I use it for: 1) be able to move prospects into different series or campaigns based on an action they take 2) be able to move baskets of subscribers into a new campaign when I release or create something new –



  • Megat Syafferizul

    I just terminate my Getresponse account and move to AC.. 😀

    too late Getresponse..

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Great definition, Tammy!

  • Thomas Schamberger

    Tags which you can psot to a subscriber like interessted in X, Y or Z. and so on. It should not be list related anymore

  • debrasimpson

    This is so exciting. I love the new tools you’re providing us. I’d like to see integration for abandoned shopping carts.

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    We’re sorry to hear that! However, if you do ever change your mind – let us know!

  • Looking forward to learning the new ways to leverage GetResponse to get more bookings. One feature that I would like to see is a robust testing tool. If I design an drip campaign using automation (to handle one of the many important scenarios mentioned in your post above), I need a way to reliably test it. So if the campaign sends out over 2 weeks, I don’t want to have to wait 2 weeks to make sure the automation rules are accurate. Thanks for listening and always improving. -Scott, BookingCounts – Book Now Optimization blog

  • Sheralyn

    In answer to your question regarding things I’d like to see:

    1. The ability to automatically move a contact from one campaign to another based on an action they take (ex. buy a product)

    2. Be able to send out an auto-responder based on an action that a contact did NOT take (For example, if they do NOT watch a video or click on a link in a specific email, I’d like to send them a specific followup email. If they DO watch a video or click on a specific link, I’d like them to get a different email from the one that is sent to those who do not.)

  • Pamela Turner

    I’m looking forward to improvements in this area! I ran some webinars would’ve liked a few additional features for the autoresponder. It would’ve been nice to be able to also send a group of emails on a set date within the autoresponder series. Or, for the autoresponder to change over time as it gets closer to an event. With the current features, I had to go in and manually send emails on the day of the event and it would be nice to not have to worry about that.

  • ezee

    I am running a small manufacturing and marketing business.
    I look forward to marketing automation you are going to offer. Best of everything!!!

  • Len J Parker

    This is what I’ve been holding on for, For the longest time there was only InfusionSoft. It was just too expensive for the average marketer. Then ConvertKit opened it’s doors with InfusionSoft like features but affordable and easiest enough for the average marketer to use. Now Getresponse will join the competition and I’m excited to see what they have to offer. Thank you GR.

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Happy to hear that!

  • Solmadrid Vazquez

    Agree. This is what I was going to say as well.

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hi there! That’s very valuable feedback and something to think about. We have numerous email marketing guides in our learning center ( and our blog offers constant tips and tips to get your email marketing on track. Like you said – our team is there to help! If you ever have questions or need suggestions as to how you can better your email marketing, so that it does convert, you know where to find us!

  • Tapologo

    I am expecting it see the ability to build strategic campaigns with no need to code anything

  • Patricia Roberts

    Looking forward to this as time is a commodity you have to take back to be successful.

  • I’ve never used marketing automation although I’ve been on the lists of those I’ve subscribed to.

    I’ve seen how they know whether I watched a replay of their webinar and if watched to the end.

    That would be great to have.

  • Kathryn J. Hermes

    I also would like these things. I’m so happy things are moving this way. Just had a call from a large marketing company. We’re not organized enough to take advantage of all they have to offer nor do we have the money for it. AND I love GetResponse so much. You all do a great job from your product to your customer service to keeping abreast of where marketing is going and making it available to the business that needs it but doesn’t have the time to revamp all their marketing to start using it. Thanks.

  • Svetlana Pasarić

    I would gladly use it as a GetResponse integration with Magento.
    Please do not forget to include these features:
    – replenishment campaigns
    – individual customer coupons with follow up reminders if the coupon was not used.

    Thank you and I am looking forward to using your new automation services!

  • Rob Mob

    Mine from recent experience would be the ability to tag or add subscribers to other campaigns based on their responses to surveys using your survey tool. At the moment it is very much standalone.

  • As a current customer of GR I hope whatever GR is about to release is on par with Autopilothq, Zapier and integrate invoicing, and the ability to make easy quotes for clients and easy booking for appointments.

  • Dave Sentenn

    there is also active campaign. i don’t use them, and i’m not advocating, but there are others that have been doing automation for a more reasonable cost than infusionsoft.

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Thanks for the kind feedback, Kathryn! We do what we can to make sure all our customers feel “at home.” 🙂

  • Monika Birkner

    I’m in the process of testing GR. A great solution for automation could move the needle. 3 things I would like to see: 1) that a lead magnet could be delivered as attachment to a mail and very quickly 2) the possibility of tagging subscribers and grouping several tags together so that I can reach those subscribers with one single mail 3) that subscribers can decide if they want to unsubscribe just from the current email series or in general

  • Gary Cloud

    Hi everyone. Pleasure to chat with you.
    Im new to email marketing and internet marketing in general, but i have literally stumbled upon a phenomenal business model and can’t wait to share it with the world.
    A few things i do know even though im GREEN.
    As i stated at the beginning of this post, im new to this and i don’t even have a list. But it is my goal to get plugged in with like minded people like yourselves. People who aren’t afraid to take chances going after their dreams. People who keep pushing when they feel like quitting. I have a dream, and that is to one day be able to give my kids whatever their hearts desire and to one day laugh at ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE NEVER HAD FAITH IN ME.
    Thanks for letting me share and can’t wait to hear from all you amazing people that keep me inspired to MAKE MY DREAM A REALITY. THANKS! !☝

  • Yes I agree, GR should leave campaign/list based to tagging based. Duplicate subscriber in GR is huge issues also, we pay lots more because many contacts registered in many campaigns.

  • Michelle C Braun

    I’d be so grateful for the ability to automatically copy a subscriber from one campaign to another. (e.g. if someone opted into a lead magnet for a particular campaign, I’d love it if GR automatically & simultaneously added them to my master campaign). Thanks for your consideration!

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hell Sukarto! April 2016 is your timeline, so keep on the lookout and be ready to test away 🙂

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Great to hear that! Keep checking back with us to learn more.

  • A more effective and automatic email list Syndication will be very much appreciated; one similar or best than what AW offers. Thank guys for considering this upgrade though.

  • Julia Bernard-Thompson

    Couldn’t happen sooner as I’m currently testing out Active Campaign..I really need automation. It would be great to move subscribers automatically at the end of a welcome sequence to my main campaign, send emails based on actions the reader has taken so people who buy get automatically moved to a “customers” list rather than staying in the “remind them” sequence. Looking forward to this!

  • I agree, email marketing system that not using tagging based like Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Convert Kit etc will be DEAD. Hopefully NEW Getresponse will fully support automation like them. If that happen soon, I won’t leave GR as migration is quite a headache. thx

  • Alinka Rutkowska

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Julia.

  • Magdalena Ciszewska

    Hi Michelle! We can’t reveal too much just yet, but be on the lookout and we will definitely give you some answers soon.

  • Magdalena Ciszewska

    Hi Julia! With Marketing Automation we will introduce some new ways to move and segment your subscribers. More details coming soon 🙂

  • Magdalena Ciszewska

    Hi Sean! Early next week we will reveal more details on how contact management will look like with our Marketing Automation.

  • Magdalena Ciszewska

    Hi! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so all I can say now, is that we have something in our Marketing Automation, to help you tag your subscribers. Details coming really soon 🙂

  • Magdalena Ciszewska

    Thank you Tony for your comprehensive feedback. I hope that at least some of our upcoming Marketing Automation features will make you stay with us. We’re revealing more details very soon! 🙂

  • Magdalena Ciszewska

    Hi Sharon! We can’t reveal too much just yet, but early next week we will be announcing more details. So stay tuned! 🙂

  • Magdalena Ciszewska

    hi Monika, thanks for your suggestions. Be on the lookout for more details soon 🙂

  • Yazaid Ahmed

    here is my dream for the perfect marketing automation tool:
    1. I feed it my product information, in my case my information products, courses, books…etc.

    2. based on that information it determines the perfect audience for it, generates the appropriate ads, creates the sales copy, tells me the best traffic sources, goes to those traffic sources and grab those visitors.

    3. generates the e-mail series to be sent out

    4. generates the sales funnels and landing pages.

    5. there is a green button that says play.

    upon pressing that green button I forget about marketing
    and just keep monitoring the statistics
    how many subscribers,
    how many sales

  • I’m coming from the other side of the coin – the receiver of your communications based on my status. Potential customer, new customer, dissatisfied customer, unresponsive customer, been-with-you-forever repeat customer. The reason I bring this up is because as my status changes, the notifications, offers, and emails I receive from you should change. I feel like I don’t matter when I get an email from you asking ‘how likely are you to recommend ‘xyz’ to your friends and collegues?” when I have repeatedly complained about your service. Or when I am invited to join your list when I have been a member of your list for a year. Or I attend a webinar and receive an email that says, “We’re sorry you were unable to attend . . . “. Just wanted to share some things that I think automation can help with – but human intervention is needed to place me in the right status so you automagically and accurately communicate with the place I hold in you customer database. I hope this makes sense.

  • Charlie d’Estries

    I would love to see GetResponse update the CRM portion of their platform to accommodate a powerful marketing automation platform. I have been testing Active Campaign lately and they have a decent marketing automation platform but lousy CRM. In Get Response, the CRM is tough to get to… but I do look forward to what you are building. And one more point, the fact you have a built-in webinar platform is pretty hot if integrated with your new marketing automation capability! Thanks!

  • Ng MK

    Would like to organize my subscribers better. So far there is difficulty identifying those whom I have mailed to in older campaign from newer ones,so that there is no repetition. This is because of the huge list.It would also be better if I could just copy and paste html direct to create using codes from other approved

  • Every time I edit a autoresponder, the person on the list for that day get’s it after I edit it at the wrong time that they are supposed to receive it!!!!! Can you ensure that when you’re editing an email, that recipients still receive it at the scheduled time?

    Also, your time travel is wrong. I schedule emails for 5 AM EST and don’t receive them until 6. Can you ensure that your time is correct around the world?

  • JB

    I need to have something more like Facebook’s Ad pixels and their targeting marketing. I a demographic automation tool Like Facebook’s but one that would continue to add more people who fit that demographics that I have chosen as they become available. Also a Tool that gets people that match to my best or Ideal customer and send emails to them for greatest levels of conversions with a lead magnet attached. A tool that list for us the items that a potential customer has been searching for online related to our niche. One that tells us when someone just purchased a domain name. A tool that can generate the best email that will appeal to our types of customers for highest levels of conversion rates.

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hi Sue! We don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet, but keep checking as we will be releasing more info soon.

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Great feedback! Thanks for letting us know what are your thoughts on the perfect tool

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hi there! It sounds a little bit like you might have the perfect timing option turned on, however, we’d need a little bit more info (mainly your log in and which specific campaigns/what kind of autoresponder you used) to double check what’s happening to know what we can do to help you out. Have you reached out to our support team (here’s the link – to get this sorted? They’d be more than happy to check this out for you!

  • samsung

    I need to join you !can you help me.

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hello! You can easily sign up by going to our main page – and signing up at the top of the page to start your free trial (you can upgrade at any time). Throughout the sign up process everything will be explained to you. Should you need any extra help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our awesome support team (here’s the link – either by email, phone, or chat!

  • Chad Fullerton

    I am so excited to try out GR’s new automation funnel system! From the photo on this blog post it looks a lot like Infusionsoft/Active Campaign which is exactly what I’ve been looking for and hoping GR would build! If GR launches something similar that is as powerful as your CRM is, then this could be a big game changer for affordable automation! Please add me to the beta testing list 😀

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Thanks for your enthusiasm Chad! Keep checking we will be releasing more info soon 🙂

  • Jona


  • Chad Fullerton

    For sure. In the email it said it’s launching in April. So I assume that means it launches sometime next week (end of the month). I’ll be on the look out for an announcement! Looking forward to trying it out, I’ll do a demo video and tell my network/community of freelancers who would love this feature!

  • Dan

    I would like to have the ability to send someone an email whenever they DO NOT open a previous email. I think this would be highly useful. Suppose you are promoting an affiliate product, and have written a series of 4 promotional emails for the product. If someone opens email #1 and buys, you don’t want to send them emails 2-4 promoting the same product.

    An even more useful solution would be to somehow implement affiliate autoresponders that would automatically move customers to a buyers list as soon as they purchase an affiliate product. You already have a feature that allows us to move people to a buyers list when they purchase one of our own products, but there is currently nothing we can do when we’re working with affiliate products.

    I’m not sure if there is a way to set this up to work will all major affiliate platforms like Warrior+, JVzoo, Clickbank etc., but if there is it would be an extremly useful feature.

  • I just found that we already can do it, in the current GetResponse UI. I found many other things are also possible in it, like predefined fields, dynamic content, even taking values from your website!! Pity that you guys at GetResponse do not advertise it, you’re much more humble than you should be!! 🙂

  • Excellent news, is there any specific date of release of this feature?

  • Excited – Very Needed. Hope the price-point don’t jump with the new features.

  • Chris Brindamour

    Cool! Just what we need, can’t wait, looking forward to more information and being able to try this out!

  • I want to try this tool! as I do?

  • I am about to change to active campaign! I do not want to manage lists any more, but tags! I want to know exactly, who bought which product and want to set up my automation in a way that I can target people exactly according to which products or “tags” they have.
    I hope this works with this update, otherwise I would have to switch …

  • Jason Daly

    Yes, I actually set up an account in AC because of the lack of automation in GR but I much prefer the GR interface so have kept my account active so may well be tempted back with this 🙂

  • Dmitri

    Will it be available to all plans or to just selected ones?

    Otherwise looks like great feature, I might even move back from active campaign to GetResponse.

  • I would love to see built in automation for a flexible affiliate marketing system…

  • Daniel Frank

    Really excited about that! I am hoping that I would be able to tag people with a short survey before or after I get their email, which would give me the ability to send content based on tag, but not just to move to another list based on tag. That way you could send just specific emails to some people of your list and categorizing them well, without having to make dozens of different lists.

  • damongreene

    Im MEGA exited about this

  • desdes

    It’s really exiting what are you planning to start…
    Just i want to know if i can track folowers who’s share my blog posts and reward them ?

  • Chuks Ndubueze

    This is great! Can’t wait to explore the new automation funnel system.

  • Chad Fullerton

    Hi Sara-Ruth! Great to hear the updates. Will every existing user be given access to the beta? I’d really like to join the beta if possible 🙂

  • Rick Martinez

    Is this going to be in our GetResponse dashboard? Or is this a completely separate service?

  • Robert Hootselle

    I am looking for a coach/designer to help us get up and running. Can anyone make a recommendation? Immediate need.

  • Tracy

    Seriously looking forward to this. Sounds like what we’ve been wanting in a automated system. Yay.

  • YourServiceDogCoach

    Count me in please, I’m eager to help test the Marketing Automation!

  • Abdulrahman Adeyemi Sarafadeen

    hi am so excited too but still need more explanations on this,ok.

  • Michal Leszczynski

    You may be in the right Chad ;), but we can’t say more at the moment.

  • Michal Leszczynski

    This is all very useful feedback Jane, we appreciate that you’ve shared your thoughts with us. We’ve noted it down and will do our best to implement these into our communication plan. This is also very useful information for our customers, so thank you again!

  • Michal Leszczynski

    We can’t say yet Sergio – stay tuned! 🙂

  • Michal Leszczynski

    Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm – more news will be coming soon!

  • Michal Leszczynski

    Don’t worry Abdulrahman! Once we release the GetResponse Marketing Automation we’ll make sure everyone knows how to use it.

  • Michal Leszczynski

    Hey Robert, if you’re using GetResponse, you can order a custom template with us! Simply follow this link (which you can find in the Create Newsletter > Template section in your account). Alternatively, you can find other professionals here –

  • Marylou Soares

    Happy to hear the good news!

  • Osvalds Are

    I have been Jumping around Different Auto Responders! This Really Sounds Interesting and Innovative Technology!

  • As a automation idea, marketers are testing different marketing channels (traffics/offers), different opt-in offers & for that things we need to offer different training, ebook, guideline, proposal for each o different things & after the initial offer complete all the leads are on same main promotion autoresponder group so what I am pointing is to provide option to have 2 different channel sign up for few autoresponder series & then after merge to main autoresponder so that we don’t have to create same AR all email 2 times…..
    e.g. I am promoting 1 main service & 1 channel has Free ebook offer to opt-in & that thing send free ebook & related 3-4 AR email and my 2nd marketing channel offer FREE TRAINING VIDEO to opt-in & that things send FREE TRAINING VIDEO & related 3-5 or more AR email series & same for more marketing channels and then after initial offer all are get on main AR service promotion channel so that we don’t have to create same AR for all different offers for same service/product.
    If you have any query then get in touch with me..

  • auan1234cxxx

    Happy to hear the good new

  • Michal Leszczynski

    Thanks again, Jane. It always pays to listen to feedback – we’ll do what we can to implement the ideas we’ve gathered here.

  • Abby Hehemann

    That’s great, Cheryl! Thanks for checking it out and hanging in there with us. 🙂

  • That’s great, Cheryl! Thanks for hanging in there with us. 🙂

  • We’re happy you’re happy!

  • Great feedback, Bhargav! Thanks for sharing this with us, we’ll definitely keep it in mind as we continue to optimize Marketing Automation for you guys.

  • Thanks, David! We’ll keep you up to date as we continue releasing the feature and optimizing it with integrations, etc. 🙂

  • Definitely! We hope you’ll give it a try. 🙂

  • Totally get that, Phil. We hope with our Marketing Automation you will be able to find a way to make sure it works with your RSS-to-Email needs. Our team will be dedicated to helping everyone find a way to achieve their goals within both Marketing Automation and how it interacts with the rest of the account features and functions as well.

  • Hey David, thanks for this feedback! Unfortunately I can’t say that we’ve got this on the road map just yet, but we’ll definitely let you know if this is something in the future we’ll be implementing.

  • Hi Marty, the feature, particularly during this beta-testing phase, will be released to current GetResponse users gradually over the coming days. In beta-testing this is a free feature for testing. We’ll be sure to keep the updates coming as more is released. 🙂

  • Not just yet Edward, we’re starting with the beta-testing and will be sure to announce any and all updates as they’re ready. 🙂

  • Thanks, Marylou!

  • Awesome news, Tracy! 🙂

  • Hey Rick, initially we are releasing this feature in its beta testing mode to our current users, gradually. As it is released, invites will be sent to the corresponding accounts as it moves through the waves of release. Once it’s released for an account, it will be in their GetResponse account dashboard.

  • We can’t wait for you to try it out, either! 🙂

  • Hey there, there will indeed be options for tracking activity on your site in the future.

  • Us too! 🙂

  • Hey Daniel, we definitely think that tagging is going to work great for you. 🙂

  • Sure thing, we think with the Marketing Automation workflows you’ll be able to use the available conditions, filters, and actions to create something that will work for you specifically. 🙂

  • Hey Dmitri, we’ll be releasing the feature gradually to our current customers during the beta-testing phase. We’ll be back with more updates on overall availability soon. 🙂 We’d love to have you back!

  • Hey Peter, indeed the tag option in the Marketing Automation will help you get away from “lists” and focus on targeting subscribers based on the tags they have.

  • Awesome, Joan! We hope you’ll like it. 🙂

  • Thanks, Chris! We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it!

  • Sure thing, Brian. We’ll make sure to update everyone as pricing and more availability information comes available.

  • Hey Dan, we think you are going to really like this. 😉

  • Hey there, thanks a lot for this feedback! We will most definitely keep you informed as more updates become available. There will be so many more options available now with Marketing Automation, I think you’ll be able to create workflow to allow you to achieve what you are looking for here.

  • Hey Charlie, thanks for this! We can’t wait for you to test it out! 🙂

  • Hi there, thanks a lot for this feedback. We’ll do all we can to make your dream come true. 🙂

  • Sure, Mike. We hope the options that are available in Marketing Automation will help you achieve just what you need.

  • Thanks for your feedback, Frank! We’ll be sure to keep this in mind. 🙂

  • Sure, Sean — thanks a lot for providing this feedback. We’ll do all we can to make the feature be what you need it to be.

  • Hey Deanna, thanks for sharing this! We think you are going like it! 🙂

  • Interesting, but great, point Oliver!

  • Hey Jordan, thanks for your feedback! I think you’ll be happy with what you see, when you see it. 🙂

  • Thanks for this feedback, Lorrinda! We’ll do our best to deliver a feature that helps you achieve what you are needing. 🙂

  • Hey Ross, Marketing Automation can send a message to your subscribers who are already subscribed to your campaign(s).

  • Hey there, depending on your goals, specifically, but Marketing Automation should prove to be a great option to re-target your leads.

  • Hey Olga, glad you found what you were needing! Our Help page has a huge database of FAQs and resources that should cover everything we’ve got available (good search bar to search for key terms), and of course our 24/7 live chat should be able to always let you know what we’ve got. 🙂

  • Sure, definitely understand. Hopefully in the future you might find it possible to give us another try. 🙂

  • Sure thing, Micah. We can’t wait for you to test it out.

  • Great news! You’ve got tagging available here. 🙂

  • Hey Mike, we can’t wait for you to try it out! Thanks a lot for hanging in there with us, and we’ll start releasing the beta version to our current customers in phases, and will definitely be free during beta-testing.

  • Hey there, thanks a lot for this feedback. We’ll do what we can to make sure the feature is what you need. 🙂

  • Definitely, James! 🙂

  • Indeed, you can create some strategic campaigns and no coding will be necessary. 🙂

  • Thanks for that, great to hear! 🙂 We can’t wait for you all to try it out.

  • Thanks, Len! We can’t wait for you to try it out, and really think it will allow for marketers of all levels to get going with their Marketing Automation and create some truly strategic marketing goals, and achieve them.

  • We hope this will be what you are needing, Rick. Can’t wait for you to try it out.

  • Hey Pamela, we hope with the new Marketing Automation you’ll be able to automate much of what you were originally doing manually. 🙂

  • Definitely, Sylvia!

  • Hey David, we’ll make to keep updating you as more details are available. Can’t wait for you to test it out.

  • We hope so, Jason! 🙂

  • Thanks for this feedback, Jan! We’ll do all we can to make the feature what you need it to be.

  • We think so, too! 🙂 Can’t wait for you to try it out.

  • For sure, Thomas! It’s in there! 🙂

  • Hey Debra, we’ll be working on releasing that option soon. 🙂

  • Sure, understand Scott. We’re doing all we can to optimize the feature to make it what you will need, and this valuable beta-testing phase will allow us to make the feature the best it can be.

  • You got it! 🙂

  • Hi there Lance, can’t wait for you to try it out! 🙂

  • Braj

    If its free along with the basic plan i’d be interested. Otherwise my current autoresponder has a very good Automation feature without additional cost.
    Please let me know so I can shift or not. Thank you

  • This is the best thing that I’ve heard this year!!! Thank you so much… Really shows that you’re taking the development of this tool seriously…

  • But as I can activate the tool? I do not see in my control panel

  • Thanks so much! 🙂 We really want to deliver the best marketing automation tool for you all! 🙂

  • We will be sending an invite to current GetResponse users gradually, you’ll have access to the beta version once you receive the invite from us. Should be in the coming days 🙂

  • Sure thing, we’ll definitely keep you up to date!

  • Charles Appleton

    Sound Great, looking forward to it!

  • Will it be able to automate splitting payments and handling refunds? Superaffiliates? How about more than 2 levels? Different oercentages by product? Multiple payment plans? Automated monthly payments for continuity programs?

  • Super excited about this!!! Thanks for the love!

  • Rick Hart

    Count me in. How do we join the list of Beta Testers?

  • Hey Rick, we will be rolling out the beta testing version gradually to our current customers. Each group will receive and email invite when the version is available for their account in the coming days. 🙂 Can’t wait for you to try it!

  • Thanks Erika, we are too! Can’t wait for you to try it out!

  • Us too, Charles! 🙂

  • Hey there, we will be updating everyone on the availability of Marketing Automation soon. For now we will be releasing it during the beta-testing phase to groups of our current customers gradually, for free. Once this testing is complete we will make sure to communicate all pricing and availability terms. 🙂

  • Hey Grant, we can’t wait for you to get to try it out! We are releasing it gradually during beta testing to groups of our current customers by invite.

  • Not necessarily at all, Brian. The complete pricing plan for Marketing Automation has not been completed. We do promise to deliver one of the most competitively priced automation features on the market, and will not force it upon those who do not wish to utilize it. We will release full pricing information in May.

  • Grant Lambert

    Ok, I am a long time customer. I will be waiting for my invite. 🙂

  • Tom

    Commenting in hopes of being included in the beta test! This is just what I needed.

  • Hey Tom! Thanks for commenting! 🙂 We want everyone to get their hands on it ASAP — we’re soon to start releasing it the first group of beta-testers, and will keep it rolling in the coming days. 🙂

  • Hey there, we’re releasing it first for groups of our current customers to try it out, and will do it gradually, in groups. 🙂 Can’t wait for everyone to be able to give it a try!

  • Hi Tony, we will let you know everything you need to know when full pricing information for Marketing Automation is released in May. We promise to make it clear and fair. Sorry to be vague, just unable to clarify it all for you at this exact moment. 🙂

  • This looks amazing — I’ll have to find the time to devote to these new features.

  • Jose Aditya

    I need thiiiiiiis… 😀

  • Chad Fullerton

    Hi Sara-Ruth, Looks like I just got the beta added to my account. Thanks!!!

  • Kim C

    I would be interested if it’s included in the basic plan, if not there are better alternatives

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Awesome! Let us know how you like it 🙂

  • Sure, Kim. We’ll keep you updated as soon as pricing and feature availability is available. 🙂

  • Yeah! 🙂

  • Awesome, thanks Jake! Can’t wait for you to try it out.

  • William Chung

    Is it possible to auto-tag users? I am looking hooking our database up to Getresponse via API and users have several attributes. I want to auto-tag people based on their attributes which will allow me to direct them into different flows.

    Would that be possible?

  • LuckyLang

    The new Automation-Tool is awesome! Great work! However there are a few things I miss:

    1) I need a condition like “subscribed to campaign…”, because I use an external Plugin to subscribe different visitors to certain campaigns.

    2) It would be great to have an “remove from campaign…” or “remove frome account” action. Consequently I could delete some subscriber from my account automatically, if they would have little score points after some time.

    3) It would be cool to have an action to start or stop other Automations.

    4) Is it already possible to tag people via API, if they buy a specific product for example?

    If your Automation tool would have these functions too, it would be absolutely perfect for me! Thanks for all your effort in creating such a great tool 🙂

  • Hi William, if you tagged a group or segment of your subscribers with some specific tag, you could then start the workflow with the condition “if tag”, and choose the specific tag you gave that segment. Then the workflow would only apply to that segment of subscribers with the specific tag.

  • Hi there William, it’s not currently possible to do that, but it will be available in the next release of the feature. 🙂

  • Hi there, thank you very much for this feedback! We will definitely pass #1-3 on to our team. Regarding #4, that option is not currently available, but will be in the next release of the feature. 🙂

  • The new automation Tool is very good. Its works great.

  • Amazing new automation tool is superb .. it works smart.. this can be the simplest issue that I’ve detected this year!!! many thanks most… very shows that you are taking the event of this tool seriously…