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Ad:Tech New York Summary

We can hardly believe it, but It’s been almost 2 weeks since our very first exhibition at ad:tech New York! Now that we’re somewhat rested and recovered, we wanted to share some of our many learning experiences with you. But don’t worry – it’s not going to be a bunch of boring statistics. This amazing […]

Those Forbidden SPAM words!

A couple of days ago we wrote about why recipients mark your messages as SPAM. We received some good feedback and since we agree that it’s an important subject – especially with the upcoming holiday “spammathon”, we decided to follow up with some more basics… SPAM is a “four-letter word” that can make you furious […]

Build trust with the CAN-SPAM complaint footer

If you’re wondering what you could do quickly and easily to reduce spam complaints and increase trust in your brand, we recommend adding a CAN-SPAM complaint footer. If you already use it, you might check into modifying it to make it stronger. Let’s talk about how and why it’s so important. The CAN-SPAM complaint footer […]

Life after death. Does your email die with you!?

Have you ever read the Privacy Policy when you create an email account with an ISP, or on Facebook and MySpace? Do you just skim the page, thinking it’s nothing really important or useful? Let’s consider an intriguing question published recently on Have you ever wondered what happens to your emails after you’re gone? […]

How to Make Subscribers Appreciate Behavioral Targeting!

Poor behavioral marketing…so misunderstood! Apparently lots of consumers think behavioral targeting is a total invasion of their privacy. But then why do they respond in such HUGE numbers to targeted campaigns?! Perhaps it’s because they didn’t know you used behavioral data to tailor their messages and offers? So is there a problem? Let’s take a […]

SPAM – Why Did They Do That?!!

Ever have the feeling that you’re doing everything right with your email marketing, but the “spam demons” are out to get you? Well, we’re here to demystify the issue and to remind us all why certain mundane practices are so important to avoiding the dreaded spam folder. Let’s review the top 11 reasons (though not […]

GetResponse Team is already at ad:tech!

The GetResponse Team arrived safely at the Big Apple and was hard at work immediately! There was a whirlwind of last-minute activity, but no rest for the weary! As soon as they landed, they caught a taxi and went straight to the Javis Center to prepare the GetResponse booth. Here they are, slaving away to […]

Spooky Halloween Templates – AVAILABLE now!

Spooky times are coming so be prepared when you hear the sound of „trick or treats” coming from outside your door − anything can happen! To get you in the “spooky spirit”, we’ve prepared a few hair-rising templates you can use to invite co-workers or friends to your costume party, or surprise your customers with […]