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How To Get Your Email Deleted

I may not be the biggest physical fitness nut out there, but there are two things I exercise – without fail – almost every day. The first is my wrist, as I whip out my credit card for the latest must-have item. (Luckily, I have a husband who understands how much money I am saving […]

The Power of a Single Email

Have you ever thought of email marketing in the realm of hard goods costing thousands of dollars? For many people, they use (or receive) emails promoting information products or lower priced goods and services. And, most people think of emails encouraging a click through to an online store where the purchase is made without leaving […]

64 Email List Building Ideas

Visit marketing discussion boards on any given day and you are likely to see the question, “How Do I Build My List”. In fact, there were 531,000 listings to “build a list” in Google. If you’ve ever wanted some tried and true methods for building your list, you’ll want to bookmark this page immediately. Because […]

Taking Action

In the next few days, we’ll be sharing an incredible list of marketing techniques you can use to build your email list. Like going to Sunday brunch, you’ll have so many ideas at your disposal that it will be impossible to implement all of them. So, just like a buffet, you’ll have an opportunity to […]

Anti-spam company gets hit with $11.7 million damages

A popular anti-spam organization, SpamHaus, was ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois to pay $11,715,000 in damages to e360insight and its CEO, David Linhardt. e360insight sued SpamHaus earlier this year over illegal blacklisting of their mailings. Additionally, SpamHaus was barred from causing any email sent by e360insight or Linhardt […]

Increasing your email productivity

If you are actively marketing on the Internet or doing just about anything online, you will find that your email address spreads all over the web in no time. Suddenly you are receiving dozens of emails every day, or if you are like me – even hundreds. Handling an Inbox that stores hundreds or thousands […]

Email spoofing getting more sophisticated

Phishing attacks are becoming more and more elaborate. Moments ago a curious PayPal scam landed at my PayPal address that we’ve never used for anything else than PayPal transactions. The scam email contained one element only — an image that perfectly reassembled PayPal’s transaction receipt. More specifically, a payment receipt for an “inMotion iM4 Portable […]

Reducing complaints and increasing list responsiveness

Email marketers have a huge impact on whether their messages will be considered spam and may escalate into complaints and accusations. With careful structuring of email marketing campaigns, marketers can significantly lower their unsubscribes, minimize their complaints and increase the responsiveness of their lists. Not to mention their email deliverability. Below are several recommendations that […]

Email Spoofing

Have you ever received a “spoofed” spam/virus/phish email that claimed to be from the party you know and trust?Or, to rephrase the question, how many do you get every day? A technique where an illegitimate sender deliver an email message pretending to be from someone else is called “email spoofing”. Spammers, scammers and criminals have […]

Brand new Import Wizard available at GetResponse

Importing prospects has always been a rather difficult task for our users. That’s why we are introducing a completely new, easy-to-use and far more powerful tool. Import Wizard The brand new Import Wizard is already available and fully operational, but for the next 30 days, starting today, it will be available along with the old […]