Meet and Greet the GetResponse Team at ad:tech New York


We’re excited to announce that GetResponse will be exhibiting for the very first time, November 4-5, at ad:tech in New York City! In case you haven’t heard, ad:tech It’s the largest gathering of digital marketers in the world and the place to be to hear about the latest research, best strategies and hottest trends. Everyone who is anyone will be there, and now they’ll all have a chance to discover GetResponse email marketing!

If you, will be anywhere near the Javits Center, we’d love to show you how you can integrate email marketing and social media , and use video emails, surveys and email analytics to double or triple your ROI! So stop by Booth #2110 to meet with one of the GetResponse representatives.  Sign up for free and get our exclusive Email Marketing Secrets Guide! And don’t forget to take part in our “Ad:tech Visitors Only” lottery to win 3 months of Free Email Marketing!

Let us introduce you to the GetResponse Team who’ll be on deck at Booth 2110, ready to demonstrate our power-packed new features and answer all of your questions:

Matthew Clattenburg is a Customer Service team member for GetResponse. He specializes in communicating with customers by telephone, email and live chat to provide email campaign support and advice, as well resolution for common issues. Matthew enjoys tasting new foods, travelling, and spending time with family and friends. In his spare time, he surfs the social media world and plays online games.

Maciej Buchowski works as an Email Solutions Specialist. He is responsible for ensuring optimal deliverability for GetResponse and developing the GetResponse Enterprise sector. In addition, he ensures our clients follow our privacy and anti-spam policies and educates both customers and prospects on permission-based marketing best practices and strategies. His personal interests and hobbies range from hiking to paragliding and outdoor adventure trips,  to being an “indoor” Internet maniac and keen follower of online innovations.

Oskar Jedynasty, Email Solutions Manager at Implix/GetResponse, is responsible for assuring the highest deliverability for all Implix products; coordinating the development process for new GetResponse features; and creating and maintaining positive relationships with GetResponse Enterprise customers. After work, he likes to relax playing basketball or volleyball, but he’s also a Texas hold’em poker fanatic!

Agnieszka Dabrowska, Marketing Specialist, is responsible for internal and external marketing communication and public relations support. She sets up the programs, deploys marketing email messages and creative, and follows email marketing best practices, guidelines, spam regulation, and deliverability issues to continuously improve the quality of communications to the marketplace. Privately, she is a huge fan of contemporary dance theatre and loves travelling and learning about foreign tastes and cultures.

That’s the team! Come and check out the latest trends and features. Hope to see you there!

  • i hope this my first experience i can get my target whatever my hoping it from a long time now this only i get it.

  • Harold S. McCorkle


    What time is the event?

    Thank you


  • there is the GetResponse in German or at least a German Support

  • Piotr Krupa

    Dear Harold,
    Today, November 4th, is the first day of ad:tech 2009 in New York City! It runs through November 6th and you can find out all about at:

    If you can make it, don’t forget stop by Booth #2110 and meet the GetResponse Team! It’s going to be a great show!

    GetResponse Team

  • Piotr Krupa

    Dear Rolf,
    We are constantly working on the German version of GetResponse and on creating German-speaking Customer Support for our customers. While there is no definite launch date for the German version. We will inform our customers as soon as everything will be ready for launch.

    Thank you for your patience.

    If you have more questions or suggestions about GetResponse, just let us know!

    GetResponse Team

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