Mobile Views Now Available in Inbox Preview


Mobile is taking over the way we view email today. And we’re making sure we give you the tools to adjust to this trend. First we added new mobile newsletter templates in the new Email Creator. Now, even better – we’ve just added new mobile views to Inbox Preview!


Mobile email emerging trend

According to a recent study by ReturnPath, year-over-year (March ’11 – March ’12) email-opens on mobile devices grew 82.4% and are on track to surpass both desktop and webmail email views by midyear.

This means you can no longer ignore how your emails are displayed on mobile devices. And we’re here to help you – as always.


Devices now supported

Our Inbox Preview has now been enriched with new mobile views for:


  • iPhone 4
  • Android phone
  • iPad 2


This means you can now see what your newsletters will look like, not only in web and desktop clients, but also on smartphones and tablets.



Are you missing opportunities?

This is especially important today when you have to fight for every second of attention from your subscribers, who probably read your emails on the go. If they can’t read them, it’s highly unlikely they will check back later when they’re at their computer.



So don’t waste that opportunity. With Inbox Preview, you can be sure your email displays correctly and is readable on mobile devices. Then you can tweak as needed to make sure your campaigns have every opportunity to be read and acted upon.


How to design a mobile newsletter?

You can check some of our previous posts on the subject here:


Designing Emails for Touch

Create Mobile Newsletters


And do join us next week for a free webinar with Kath Pay of Plan to Engage on the future of email marketing in the era of smartphones.

And of course, you can use one of our predesigned mobile templates! 🙂


Are you already sending “mobile” newsletters? Do you have any advice you could give others? Share your thoughts with us here!

  • Messages to phones should also include Text Messages. Although they do not have the HTML markup, they are a very effective way to reach your audience

  • Wilbur Miller

    I have changed my mind why is here no way to OPT-OUT?

  • I agree with
    Phil Steward it’s critical. mails should also go to mobile phones as sms. That is the realon the go.

  • Dougi

    Will there be responsive templates for emails any time soon?

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Yes, we’re actually working on these – more details soon!