Multimedia Email Marketing – new opportunities! by Kate Grochowska

We love multimedia email marketing because it gives you such great results! Our newest improvements are guaranteed to make it easier, faster, and more fun to use Email-to-Speech, audio-video, graphics, pdfs, and more in your email messages. We know it’s a hassle to manage rich media files on your computer.  Besides, hunting them down and formatting them for re-use wastes valuable marketing time. No more!

We’ve maxed your storage and opened it up to existing media files and formats. Check it out!

*    You can now upload “flv”, “fl4”, “.mov”, “.mp4” video file formats to your account!
*    Every FREE account will have up to 10 MB of storage for free (was 1MB).
*    Every Pro account will have up to 100 MB of storage for free (was 1MB).
*    You get 1GB of media storage with your Email-to-Speech package!

We hope this inspires you to grab all those great demos, customer stories, event videos and more and build a fantastic online media library – all ready for sending, sharing, and upload in less time than ever!

As always, tell us how you’re using multimedia email marketing to promote your business. Got any tips for other GetResponse users out there? Send them in!

  • I have a couple of websites and my new project is for selling opals.
    I really believe that multimedia emails will really help me improve my business online.
    I am super excited to start using and testing it as I believe it will
    help to create a deeper relationship with my clients.
    Thanks Marty from Opal Wholesale





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