New Addition in Email Creator: Preheader


The preheader is a design element that helps you preserve a neat structure in your email. We’ve now added it to Email Creator as one of the Basic Blocks, to simplify the process of creating emails that convert. Now you just drag ‘n’ drop – and your preheader is right in place. Your newsletter gains a new quality – of being readable, consistent, and transparent in structure.


1. Why do you need it?

A coherent and logical order of message elements encourages your recipient to follow the path you designed for them – a straight path to read, click, download or buy. It also helps you decide on the lead of your email.



2. How to use it?

The new preheader is in the Email Creator Basic Blocks section. To add it to your newsletter double click the element. The pre-header will be added at the top of the your template, adjusting automatically  to the message width (to place it locally in any desired spot in your email – simply drag’n’drop).

The GetResponse preheader is already equipped with the merge word [[view]] that’s needed in order to display the message online. The text, background image, size and location can be customized to your needs – you can include more options: change background color or image, add a frame, rounded corners, etc.

The preheader works with all GetResponse industry templates. Or you can use it to build the message from scratch with a GetResponse layout.

And don’t forget to test before you hit “send”.


3. What to include in your preheader?

A preheader is a great place to summarize the content of your message and include some practical information that doesn’t require bolded print and a center position in your email. You’ll find some ideas and do’s-and-don’ts on preheaders in one of our recent posts.

The major rule about the preheader (as well as the rest of the message) is not to overdo it:


  • Keep it short, snappy and on-point.
  • Keep the number of information points to two.
  • Don’t use it to repeat your subject line, that’s merely a waste of space
  • Make sure it’s readable and visually distinctive but not overwhelming.


Whatever you decide is the most relevant information for your preheader, one thing is certain – don’t skip it entirely; it has great potential and can substantially increase your email results.

Try it yourself and let us know how it works for you. Comments and recommendations on the preheader contents are welcome.