New App: Forms on the Go. Collect Leads Wherever You Are.


Gaining new subscribers when you’re offline can be hard. Paper forms get lost easily and people never have enough time to stop and fill it in. GetResponse has solved this problem with the new
Forms on the Go app. It lets you collect valuable leads without a visit to your squeeze page or website: in store, at the trade show booth, on a busy conference or a private business meeting. The new smart app is now available for download.


Quick and easy installation

All you need is an active GetResponse account, an iPad and the new app, that is now available for free download at iTunes. Simply install it at your iPad, create your first
web form, select the destination campaign, and you’re ready to go.

Now creating a neat sign-up form is only a few taps away:

  • Choose from a variety of web form templates (either portrait or landscape position)
  • Customize it with your logo and brand visual style: font, color scheme, background, etc.
  • Add custom fields, text and images in seconds
  • Create a simple, yet attractive thank you page for each form
  • Define an existing GetResponse email campaign as the destination or create a new campaign for each web form you create in the app


GetResponse Forms on the Go


GetResponse Forms on the Go


The lead scanners, list imports and b-cards collection are a history now. Display the iPad form to everyone you meet and instantly sign them up to your list.


Works online and offline

The app does not require any data storage devices such as USB drives. It adds the contacts automatically to your campaigns. And it also works when you’re not connected to the net. When there’s no Wi-Fi available, contacts are stored by the app, and once you go online again, they’re instantly loaded into your selected campaign.

Check out how simple and intuitive it is:


Setting up a new web form takes only a few minutes, so give it a try. Download and test it then let us know how it works for you.

  • Ry

    How does it work with opt-in? Do they have to double opt-in or is single optin ok?

    Any limits on amount of people you can add per day?

  • HannaAndrzejewska

    Hi Ry
    the opt-in type depends on your campaign settings, that you can manage in your account. Both single and double opt-ins are available for Forms on the Go. And there’s no daily limit on the number of contacts added via a web form.

  • r37

    Okay I was curious because all opt-ins will be coming from the same IP address if it’s from your tablet I’m thinking? There is no issue with having 100’s of opt-ins from your tablet which is from the same IP?

  • HannaAndrzejewska

    Hi – the system doesn’t block addresses coming from the same/shared IP thus this won’t cause any issues – neither with single, nor with double opt-ons.

  • wilson

    hi, it will be available for iphone too?

  • Claire


  • HannaAndrzejewska

    Hello everyone
    we’re planning to launch the Android version as well, and add two language versions: German and Polish soon.

  • Nicholas Boullester

    how soon? this was 5 months ago I’d love to see this on an android tablet

  • Simon Grabowski

    Android tablet version is still very much on our radar. We will make an announcement when it’s ready. Thanks for your patience.

  • Simon Grabowski

    We are not planning a phone version for this app, because we feel that phones do not have enough screen real estate to create a great user experience for this app. It will remain tablet only.

  • Simon Grabowski

    Just had a talk with our devs over this. Expect to see an Android version before the end of the year.

  • Marat

    Is android version available now?

  • KatarzynaPietka

    Hi Marat, we’ll be introducing it in the future – stay tuned for the updates. ^kp