New: Amazon Buyer Data Integrated with Campaigns by

If you’re an Amazon merchant, GetResponse has a new integration that will definitely make you happy. From now, on all buyers’ data coming from your Amazon FPS business merchant account can be automatically added to a selected GetResponse campaign! This makes it even easier for you to grow your database, stay in touch with your customers, and drive recurring sales.


How it works

This new integration is available for all GetResponse customers who have an Amazon FPS business merchant account. Once your buyer completes a purchase using the Amazon “Pay Now” button, they are forwarded to the URL you specified for Instant Notification Payment. The redirect adds the buyer to the GetResponse campaign you select.


How to activate the integration

Activation is very simple. Here are the quick steps:

  • First, on the GetResponse Integrations page available from My Account menu, select the destination campaign where the Amazon FPS buyers are to be added.






  • Second, click the “Get the URL” button and copy the URL once generated.
  • Third, paste the URL in your Amazon FPS merchant account under “URL for Instant Payment Notification.”





  • To finish the process, create the Amazon “Pay Now” button.





Then just copy and paste the HTML code on your website where you want it to appear and you’re ready to go.

Once your Amazon integration is completed, anyone who makes a payment through the “Pay Now” button you set up is added to your GetResponse campaign.

Happy Selling!


Got questions?

We work hard to make GetResponse easy and intuitive. But if you get stuck, don’t worry. Instead, reach out to our Customer Success Team by phone, email or live chat. They’ll be glad to help. And if you have a quick question, drop it into the comment section below. We love hearing from you!