NEW: Subscription Statistics – Powerful Insights


We know how important it is for you to accurately measure your list and track your subscribers. Check out our latest additionSubscription Statistics. It may be just what you’re looking for!



With these great new options, you can check much more than just the method and day of subscription.

Now you can check subscriptions, removals and list size; watch the trends in your list growth; compare the growth of the number of subscribers in multiple campaigns; you can even track your subscribers by geographic location on a fully interactive Subscriptions Map.

New Subscription Statistics give you more insights into your audience and help you make your campaigns more impactful and relevant.


What’s New?

There are 3 reporting options to choose from:

  • List Size – cumulative list growth or decrease over time
  • Subscriptions – number of new subscribers by day over selected time period
  • Removals – number of removed records by day over selected time period


The following statistics are available for the selected reporting option: Campaign Statistics, Subscription Method Statistics and Subscribers Locations.





How does it work?

New Subscription Statistics can be found in the Email Analytics section.

For any of the statistics, you can choose one or more campaigns.

After choosing campaigns to view, you can define a date range or click the blue button on the right-hand side to choose a pre-defined date range.

View subscriptions by channel In the Subscription Method Statistics. Check or un-check the subscription methods to customize your view of the subscription channel list under the chart.

Roll over any point in the chart to view statistics for a selected day.

If you prefer, switch to List View. Daily data is displayed in individual rows with the totals and averages below the table.


Subscriptions Statistics Map

Ever wondered where your subscribers come from and in what regions your product or service is most popular? Thanks to our new interactive Subscribers Map, now you can view subscribers by region and get great insights into your business growth opportunities.





The map gives you detailed view of the geographical locations where a selected action has taken place, so you can identify hot-spots.

  • Roll over a selected region to view number of subscribers or removals.
  • For a closer look at a particular region, simply click to zoom-in.
  • When the detailed view is displayed, select one or more regions to view.
  • At the bottom, view total number of contacts selected. Click blue button to send an email to these selected contacts.
  • Switch to list view if you prefer.

Try it yourself!


Got questions?

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But if you get stuck, don’t worry. Instead, reach out to our Customer Success Team by phone, email or live chat. They’ll be glad to help.

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  • I like the look of your new features, congrats.

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Thank you!

  • Keith

    Some great changes

  • MoneyProof

    Thanks for this amazing feature. Will present this to my followers soon!

  • Ishane

    As always job well done..AAA+guys, thanks again.

  • Colleen Daledrina Walters Diep

    I like it thank you

  • Chad Fullerton

    This is fantastic! A great overview dashboard to track list growth 🙂

  • I dont understand what you are talking about your “NEW: Subscription Statistics”. This new Stuffis available only when we create Newsletters. DaIly, weekly etc… In the section to create “newsletters”.

    What about the stats for our follow up messages? in the section “messages” “manage autoresponders”? And When we click on “on” Track-Click-through” button.

    Did you give us the same new Stuffs?

    What happen if we disable this button, we dont receive stats, Right?



  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Hi Franck, let me explain. What you read here is all about subscription statistics, so it’s related to your sign up forms and how many people sign up using them to your email campaigns. To find statistics both for newsletters and follow-up messages, go to the Statistics>Email Analitycs tab and choose either Newsletters or Autoresponders for follow-up stats.
    As for the “Track Click-through” button, this only tracks the links in your emails that people click, so if you disable it, GetResponse won’t track the clicks. Hope this helps!

  • KatarzynaPietka

    Thank you for your feedback, we’ll certainly consider your suggestion.