Next Jim&Mac Webinar: How to Increase Opens and Clicks by Karolina Kurcwald

We’re happy to be bringing you the next installment of the very successful email marketing webinars hosted by Jim Ducharme and Mac Ossowski. This time they’ll talk about mastering the email metrics. Join them this Wednesday!

I bet you’re wondering how to make your subscribers actually open your emails – and we all know it’s quite a challenge with the increasing volume of emails and common inbox clutter. And if they do open, you want to also make sure that subscribers click-through to your website and respond to call-to-action buttons in the email.

Jim & Mac to the rescue! 🙂 In the upcoming GetResponse webinar, they’ll discuss how to make the most of your email analytics and show you a number of tactics which are bound to help you in:


  • understanding how email metrics work
  • increasing email opens and click-thrus
  • minimizing your list churn and opt-out rate.


The webinar starts this Wednesday (that’s tomorrow), March 28 at 3.00 PM EST. To join Jim & Mac, click here and register.

See you on Wednesday!

  • Hmzengi

    This sound good. I can’t wait to read it. Fantastic. Please make it as soon as possible. Wishing you all the best.





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