Playing Games? Or Checking Your Deliverability Score? by

TGIF! Yes, it’s Friday so it’s high time to start unwinding. After you’ve finished all those important tasks and projects, that is. And we’ve got just something that will help you have some fun after a hard week’s work.


Can deliverability be fun?

GetResponse delivers over 99% of the emails sent via our service. And we send 10 billion emails a year.

We take great pride in the hard work of our deliverability experts and the care with which we build and maintain our system.


Where’s the fun part?

You’re right. The weekend is coming, so let’s not be too serious about this.

We’ve just prepared a fun Facebook game that will help you check your deliverability score.

Okay, it’s not a scientific way, we agree, but it’s fun and perfect for a Friday afternoon.


Try our Facebook Carrier Pigeon Game

So make yourself a cup of coffee and play the GetResponse Carrier Pigeon Game.

Navigate the pigeon with the keyboard to avoid the obstacles and traps – and see how much mail you can get through to the mailbox.



Go ahead – flap your wings!

The Carrier Pigeon Game is available on Facebook – just click this link and fly, fly, fly!

Will you beat our 99%? We dare you! 🙂