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How to Boost Your Productivity With Habit Fields

Environmental psychology determines exactly how productive you can be in any setting. Have you ever noticed how we seem to act a certain way within certain environments? You might feel naturally more relaxed in your favorite coffee shop, or instantly focused when you walk into a library. On the other hand, when you’re sat at […]

9 Time & Money Saving Tools for Online Solopreneurs

Working in the online environment includes numerous professional challenges. Freelancer solopreneurs need to constantly adapt to new work conditions. Three crucial features of online business organization are rational budgeting, limited expenditure, and efficient time management. If you neglect any of them, it’s highly likely you won’t reach your business goals the way you’ve planned. Therefore, […]

The Marginal Gains Approach to Improving Productivity

I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree that achieving a mere 1% improvement in any given metric is not something that’s worth getting too excited about. Indeed, striving for such a minute enhancement in the first place might, quite understandably, leave you wondering – why bother at all? For surely the more sensible, ambitious and lucrative […]

Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done – A Guide

We all procrastinate. There’s nothing shameful about that, it’s just human nature. And while it’s acceptable to be lazy from time to time, procrastination can become a very bad habit very quickly. Often we don’t even know we’re doing it. Especially in our age of technology and social media, it’s never been easier to “slightly […]

12 (Mostly Free) Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

Freelancing. The appealing idea of staying home and typing away in your pajamas comes to every office worker every Monday (or Wednesday, if you’re a fan of the mid-week crisis). However, for 55 million Americans it’s not just an idea, it’s exactly what they can do, should they wish to do so.

5 Tools Every Remote Worker Needs

Marketing has the potential to be an entirely online profession in the near future. The idea of a remote office is now embedded in our work culture, and many people are taking the opportunity to travel the world or take care of their family at home while still working hard every week. Given available communications […]