Promo Campaign Planner for Seasonal Sale Success [INFOGRAPHIC] by Hanna Andrzejewska

For all those who still haven’t outlined their 2012 marketing strategy, as well as those who from time to time lack inspiration, we have a gift to solve your fears and hesitations and help you set clear dates and objectives for your campaigns throughout the year: The Promo Campaign Planner.



Infographic to inspire ideas


The infographic is a great source of ideas for every month and will help you keep your email marketing relevant and universal with minimum effort.


Email Marketing Promo Campaign Planner for Seasonal Sale Success Infographic


[Click image to enlarge and save the full size version]



We’re hoping that the infographic itself requires no explanation or user’s manual, as it’s designed as a clear and easy-to-read compilation of marketing opportunities you can utilize throughout the year, as well as a checklist and a goldmine of ideas.

However, we always try do our best and provide maximum support to our customers. That’s why, as usual, when the time will come we’ll follow up with campaign tips and inspirations, seasonal templates and web forms, special footers and other handy ideas to help all the GetResponse customers grow their businesses during these events.

And we’re curious – what seasonal templates would you find handy? Which of the less-obvious holidays will you use as themes of your campaigns, and which are the typical sale boosters in your industry?

  • we are following same marketng strats since 2008. Revenue is grows up every year.

  • OMG! This is fantastic! I am sharing… Hope you don’t mind!

  • Debra Harrison

    How can we be included in the followup emails with “campaign tips and inspirations, seasonal templates and web forms, special footers and other handy ideas to help all the GetResponse customers grow their businesses during these events”? I do not see a signup form. Thanks

  • Hello Hanna –

    Thank you for this great info graphic and the great panning tool it provides… this really has me thinking. I appreciate this tool and will put it to good use.

    Have a blessed 2012!


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  • Anonymous

    Hi Debra,
    For sign up please use the form on the right, to keep up to date with all the GetResponse new releases.
    As for the paragraph of the text you’re referring to: what we simply mean is that GetResponse supports its customers in all their emailing strategies by contributing all types of resources throughout the year, so we’ll follow up the infographic with more interesting and handy graphics, etc. Sorry to get you confused on this one:)

  • Anonymous

    Glad you like it James,

    we’ll contribute with more handy resources throughout the 2012, so stay tuned, and have a fantastic year, too!

  • veronica smith

    How do I add the Promo Campaign Planner. I am new to Get Response. I didn’t see any link to download

  • Anonymous

    Hi Veronica, simply click on the image to open the full size version, then save image. it’s fitted for the standard printing format.

  • This is a great infograph! Very helpful. Smart idea.

  • This is light years better than viewing a yearly calendar. Thank you so much.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you all, Guys,
    your appreciation means a lot. Stay tuned for more great email marketing resources coming up this year!

  • This is very cool





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