Reimagining GetResponse: SMILE! Tees Handed Out!


When we first came up with our new logo and started to imagine what it would be like, we weren’t sure how our longtime customers would take it. After all, “We only like the songs we know well.” But we’ve received so much positive feedback that we’re now sure we’re heading in the right direction.


Your opinion matters

The comments we’ve received from you were really great. They gave us the sense that our continuing efforts to make our products better are worth it. Our goal was to bring smile to our customers’ faces – and we actually succeeded!

See for yourself:

“Makes you feel happy looking at it, as what it said it brings a Smile To You by just looking at it.”


“I love the fact that the team designed a logo that captured the core values of the company: the envelope, increasing results, and the all important check mark!”


This is the first word that comes into my mind after seeing the new logo and the good thing about the new design is that it speaks what you do and how good you are at doing this”


“PROUD to be a customer of a successful team for over a decade.”


“Now whenever I get sad, I can stop being sad by looking at GetResponse new logo”


These are only a few of the great opinions you shared about the new logo design. We thank all of you who took a moment to share a few good words.


T-shirts go to…

As promised, we’d like to show how much we value your feedback. That’s why we’ve picked the 30 most interesting comments and rewarded their authors with our new Smile! T-shirts. Check your mailbox – maybe one is waiting for YOU.

And even if you were not one of the lucky winners this time – you all still deserve a huge THANK YOU from the whole GetResponse Team!



And stay tuned for more chances to grab a T-shirt at the GetResponse Email Marketing Tips blog!