Results of 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey


As you all know, GetResponse is used by marketers all over the world. We deliver 5B emails every year, and the number’s climbing!  We certainly have the volume, so we’ve been conducting all kinds of studies to learn more about how marketers use GetResponse and what kind of results they’re getting.  Today we’re excited to reveal the results of our “2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey”.

We asked a survey group of over 200 SMB email marketers from a wide range of industries and countries to share their opinions regarding hot topics like video emails, social media integration, and the “war on inbox clutter”. We hope you find these stats interesting and useful as you continue to improve your email marketing campaigns.

Happily, it appears SMB marketers are becoming increasingly convinced of the benefits of video email, social media, and personalization or targeting. More than 80% of respondents plan to use video emails in 2010 and more 90 % plan to integrate social media into their email campaigns this year. Almost 64% of SMB marketers who use video emails claimed that it delivers significant increases in conversion rates.  Compared to last year’s results, these increases represent a:

480 % Increase in Video Email Usage and 90 % Increase in Social Media Integration for 2010.

That’s awesome!

In general, the SMB email marketer’s toolkit is looking a lot more sophisticated and media-rich than at any time in recent history. That’s very gratifying to us. It tells us that GetResponse tools are user-friendly and affordable, even at the advanced level.
Here are a few highlights of the survey:

  • Video email marketing: Over 50% of respondents stated that video emails can increase CTR. One of three marketers believes that video can enhance brand image and/or increase customer loyalty. Over 20% of marketers believe that video emails can also reduce support and training costs. Only 4.7% email marketers do not see any benefits from using video emails.
  • Social media: A 113.2% increase in use of links to new messages on social media pages; a 109.1% increase in use of sign-up forms on Facebook, etc. fan pages; 88.8% will increase share options and 71.6%  more will place “follow us” links in email messages.
  • Personalization: 53.80% of SMB respondents said they intend to increase targeting and personalization in 2010; 52.40% will try to improve email title and subject line personalization.
  • Behavioral targeting: Nearly 75% of marketers claim that behavioral targeting can result in significant or moderate increases in email marketing effectiveness. Only 2.8% did not consider behavioral targeting an effective practice.

Where do your results fit into the email marketing picture for 2010? Are you ahead of the curve? We hope so! Download the whole report from here to find out!

  • I wonder if the world financial crisis has anything to do with all these increases.

    If you look at the big picture – there are now more people unemployed in the US than there was a few years ago. Could these unemployed have any significant impact on sign-ups?

    I think there are more people now who are more desperate to look for solutions to their problems than ever before that they are doing all they can through whatever legal means to get back their lives on track. When theres a video with a “solution” provided – people will always inquire to know more. Thus the attendance or subscription numbers increase.

    Video as we know can deliver more messages in a small time frame compared to other or conventional webpages.


  • It’s great that you guys are giving some stats. But they are obviously geared toward the “advanced” features that you guys are now offering, to get more sales.

    I don’t blame you, I would probably do the same thing. But how about mixing in some unbiased stats as well?

    It would be great to see some stats regarding the best times to send out emails… do long or short titles convert better… things like that.

    Obviously some of these stats are going to be different depending on the user’s niche, but anything is better than nothing.

    We get it. Video and everything else that GetResponse offers for a huge price is GOOD… got it 😉

    How about some other stats??

  • Absolutely amazing and revealing survey results.

    I am in St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean, and I have been using GetResponse for more than 3 years now, and I am yet to maximise its vast comprehensive capabilities.

    As an Internet Marketer, I utilize a great deal of personalized and targeted email marketing strategies. I also have my fair share of social media encounters. Awesome.

    While I partake in joint venture video email marketing, I have not secured any independent recordings. However, that is within my sight for 2010.

    This was a great survey initiative. Keep it up and thanks for sharing the results.

  • Piotr Krupa

    Dear Josh,
    We regularly perform studies and publish reports offering a wide range of stats and general information about email marketing which can help marketers improve their campaigns.

    We focus not only on the features we offer, but also on objective topics like the recent analysis of HTML message performance, ( ), and the impact of personalized subject lines (

    We hope you find them useful and, as always, welcome your suggestions for future topics and studies.

    GetResponse Team

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