RSS-to-Email: You Wanted It – You Got It! [BETA]


This week, GetResponse unveiled a cool new logo, but there’s more! We have yet another announcement sure to make you smile: all-new RSS-To-Email is now available for beta testing.

You can now reach your blog’s audience and announce your articles via email and social media totally the way you want it!

With the new RSS-To-Email, you are in total control. You have free reign over how frequent the mailings should be. Email your subscribers every time you post a new blog article? Easy! Prefer to send a nice daily digest with most commented articles? Boom, it’s done. Fancy a weekly or monthly digest instead? Be our guest.

But don’t take just our word for it, check out the quick 1-minute video below, and let us know what you think after the break.

The new RSS-to-Email is now available in your GetResponse account
(if you don’t have one, grab your a 30-day free trial).
Tell us what you think, and keep bloggin’!

  • Brad H.

    Nice! Can’t wait to try it out.

  • John Downley

    Finally! Awesome. I’m plugging in my blog to your RSS-to-email this weekend. Thanks for all you do!

  • It’s really very useful. I must to try it out.

  • Max

    thanks for this new function!
    How can I change the language of the “Read more” button into german?

    Thanks you!

  • it not work on my blog… :_(

  • HannaAndrzejewska

    Hi Max
    The RSS-to-email is still in the BETA phase and we’re still working on adjusting it to more language. For now you can switch the button off: on the toolbar click on the RSS button and de-select “Read more button” option. Your newsletter will still link to the post via the hyperlinked title and thumbnail.

  • HannaAndrzejewska

    Hi Vicente
    First – please make sure you’re RSS feed is correctly typed in Step 1. If this doesn’t help – please contact our Support team – they’ll help for sure:

  • X

    Hi there

    for some reason the text field doesn’t work at all – it only gives a […] reading. Can someone help? I’m using feedburner and a weebly blog:

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Hi, what URL exactly do you type in when creating the RSS? Could you please send it to along with a screenshot of what you’re seeing and your username – I’ll have our support folks look into this.

  • Laura

    It worked in my blog for a few days but suddenly it doesn’t work, and there’s no way to fix it 🙁

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Hi Laura, could you let me know what happened exactly? Please feel free to send any details (along with your GR username) to and I’ll have it looked into by our support folks. Thanks!