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Today we’re bringing you something completely different, unlike anything you’ve seen before — crazy different. In fact, I can’t believe how different! Curious? Go grab a cup of coffee and come back. You’re back? OK, now maybe you should sit down. Ready? Read on!


HOW GetResponse Delivers

Here’s what got things started. We’d been giving a lot of thought to what GetResponse really delivers to you.

Pretty serious subject, right?

So we came up with serious answers:


  • beautiful newsletter templates that are easy to customize;
  • signup forms that are easy to install in all your Web assets;
  • social sharing tools that track paths to your ideal networks.


But that’s not really WHAT GetResponse delivers; that’s HOW we deliver.

And it’s a pretty big list.

But GetResponse is more than just a collection of cool features.


WHAT GetResponse Delivers

So we got even more serious. What does all of that mean for you, our Customer?

Well, it means we deliver easier ways to earn income, faster ways to build your subscriber list and better ways to build subscriber relationships.

And we help you build a stronger, more lasting business — can’t get more serious than that!

Still, we felt we were missing something.


WHY It Matters

Then we decided to change the question.

What does GetResponse deliver that really matters — something beyond features and benefits?



How about: Freedom?

Freedom to create campaigns just the way you like. Freedom to do what you please while your emails are sent automaticallyFreedom to communicate with people all over the world (and at their local time, too.)


And how about: Fun?

Fun to let you creativity soar. Fun to spread your message across the social Web. Fun to attract new and exciting customers into your business.

Those words — Freedom and Fun— what a great combination!


Expressing Freedom and Fun

So we started having Fun thinking about Freedom.

One thing led to another.

Soon, we got kinda crazy — in fact, Seriously Crazy — and started expressing Freedom and Fun . . . creatively 😉

Here’s the result: (you gotta watch this video!)



Now you’re in a Seriously Crazy mood too 😉


Feel the Freedom and Win

And now it’s your turn to have Fun too.

Here’s our question for you.

How does GetResponse put more Freedom and Fun into your business?

Show us what Freedom and Fun look like to you and feel Free to choose how you do it! Describe it in a comment below — or create an image, collage or video and send it to us at: justcreate@getresponse.com by 7 September.

And don’t be afraid to get Seriously Crazy!

We’ll reward the craziest, most creative submissions with our “Just Create” monster T-shirts!

Sounds like Fun?

Here’s wishing you lots of Freedom and crazy Fun in your email marketing!

Contact us for Terms and Conditions of the Contest.

  • polywan

    It is power crazy communication i like it too much

  • deepak

    wow its very funny and fantastic……….

  • Tom

    100% deliverability? Based on what? Anything to back up that claim, I’d be very interested to see it.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Actually, to be absolutely precise, it’s 99.3% – but it’s still pretty close to 100% 🙂

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    And if you’re looking for more information about what we do to maintain the highest deliverability rate possible, you’ll find it here: http://www.getresponse.com/features/email-deliverability.html

  • Douglas Bence

    The video was intrusive and irritating. I didn’t last beyond 20 seconds. A waste of time.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Sorry you didn’t like it!

  • It’s it’s it’s Freedom!

  • grgryosborne

    You’re absolutely right… This is a Crazy contest… Hope I Win…

  • Sam England

    This is absolutely AWESOME…I love the angle here…you guys ROCK…

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Thanks Sam! Glad you liked it!

  • Marcin H.F.

    You guys have been watching too many Old Spice commercials…

  • Marcin H.F.

    So what is the angle here…?

  • mabels

    if the olympics had an event to find the most enthusiastic, madest of all madmen talkers, i am sure your voice over chappy would be up for a shiny medal!

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    The angle is pure fun 😉

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Well, we do like those and I’m personally a big fan. 🙂

  • Ha ha – That’s fun to watch!

  • Its great to to share your newaletters on twittwe.

  • Cindy

    Getresponse has completely automated my email marketing campaigns. Now I check email to find the number of sales made instead of waiting for the right moment to send an email.

  • firas

    its crazy crazy

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Hi Cindy, could you send over your email address to karolina.stefanowicz@getresponse.com? Thanks! 🙂