Setting the course for 2012–Multi-channel Marketing


Analyzing which direction online marketing is heading is not easy this year: social, mobile, online, offline – so many tendencies, dimensions, audiences and means of influence. That’s why integrating the many available forms of communication with the audience is the greatest challenge for the coming year. And that’s why your new motto should be: integrate and cross channels.

January – the month of New Year’s resolutions, strategic planning, creating outlines, redefining your objectives. Some love it, some hate it. Here, at GetResponse, we just couldn’t resist barging in with a couple of our own ideas on how to set a new course for the next few upcoming months. Here are the most effective email marketing strategies to help you integrate more channels and get through to more audiences.


1. Multi-channel integration


Email remains the top channel for communicating with adults – the most profitable marketing segment, with a high level of disposable income. However, for different people the paths to conversion are rarely as straightforward as: click to buy.


Example: some prospects first look for product and brand reviews via social media, others utilize the “search online, buy offline” model (or the other way round), some search for the best available offer via all channels.


Tip: Use all types of GetResponse integrations with social media to engage more audiences and increase your brand exposure. Try to connect offline and online: collect leads via QR codes or sign-up forms printed on receipts; get more customers to your stores via email alerts and coupons.


2. Segmentation


The different ways in which your leads convert means that you need to address them with highly customized offers and content. Only relevant messages stand a chance to survive in the crowded inbox environment. Those classified as irrelevant will instantly increase your unsubscribed and complaint rates. This is not just about geo-location, age and gender.


Example: A customer who’s just bought software from you might not be interested in your marketing offer anymore, but he’ll gladly accept information about available updates and add-ons.


Different groups use the Internet for different purposes and expect different things: some only socialize, some need alerts and notifications, some shop online, and others search for information. The innovative email marketer will need to respond to those diversified needs and expectations.


Tip: GetResponse one-click segmentation, available from the analytics panel, helps you define targeted audiences in the blink of an eye, with no expertise needed. So you’ll be able to exclude all the newly converted customers from your standard promotional offerings and send them only highly targeted updates.


3.  Content marketing


Different channels and peoples’ expectations also influence the content. Brands should not only sell products but also to provide high quality informative or entertaining content that goes beyond plain-text product information. And you need their engagement to go beyond a one-time sale.


Example: Tell your stories using images and videos: product demos, event coverage, etc. Offer useful content: events calendars, downloadable and printable files, site maps, customer testimonials, recommendations, content that’s easy to share and forwards.


Engaging content that offers more than trading value for money will help you build brand recognition, customer relationships and true reputation.

And when handled in a creative way, it can as well quickly foster your sales too:


This year there is no escape from the need for advanced online marketing strategies. Your audiences become more demanding and choosy. They expect the right content to come at the right time via the right channel. That’s why you’ll have to double your efforts to keep ahead of your competition. The above tips will help you create a perfect next year strategy or be an extension of your existing marketing plan.

So – did you make any new years resolutions? Let us know – your ideas are the best source of inspiration for us.

  • I have to agree with the part were you said that the audience is starting to be demanding. With a lot of people accessing the Internet today and considering it as a part of their daily lives, it’s no wonder that the people are looking for a lot more new stuff. They’ll depend on the trends to see what’s happening on the Net. If you’re advertising, you better not be lagging on those trends.

    = Gerald Martin =