Share Newsletters on Your Facebook Fan Page


Late last year, we were happy to announce that you could share your newsletters on both Facebook and Twitter. Of course, we already had more planned for you, and now, we have another cool update to present.


Since your fan pages are where most of the “action” is, we wanted you to be able to share your newsletters not only on your Facebook profile, but also on your Facebook Fan Pages. As with all GetResponse features, this one’s as easy as 1-2-3.


Let me walk you through integrating fan pages with your GetResponse account.


First, go to My Account -> Social Media Integration–> Facebook. Previously, this was where you found your Facebook account. Now you can also add your fan pages to the integration options. Just click “reload fan pages” and it’s done. How easy was that?!


Next go to Campaign Settings -> Social Media and add or choose which Facebook account and fan page should be connected with each campaign. If you have more than one Facebook account (and fan page), you can choose the best combinations to integrate with the various campaigns in your GetResponse account


Now it will be much easier to choose the FB account you wish to integrate as the last step of creating and sending your newsletter. All you have to do is make your selection, turn on Facebook integration and hit Send.


Finally, with these social media updates, you can not only choose which FB account and fan page to integrate, but you can also post a message about the newsletter or offer on your FB wall. You can even preview your message before going final.


Now you can get more publicity for your email marketing campaigns and reach not only your subscribers, but also your FB fans. And that means your campaigns will be more effective with only a few clicks and no extra money.


So give your newsletters more social power and extend their “lives” across the global web. And remember to let us know how it works for you!