Shiny New Templates for Confirmation Emails


A professional-looking confirmation message is crucial for building your subscriber list. It’s the final step of the subscription process — the step that actually decides its success. What’s more, it appears in the inbox of your subscriber-to-be at the exact moment they expect — your first opportunity to deliver what you promise! And we’re helping with new HTML confirmation message templates.


We revamped 8 of our most-popular confirmation messages in HTML format, now with colors and a conspicuous “Confirm Subscription” button.


Custom Options

Now you have more options for customizing your confirmation emails. You can add your own text and add a campaign logo to be displayed in the header or footer, depending on the design of the message; (the logo displays automatically.)

And of course, the new designs are much prettier 😉

Confirmation email templates

Using New Templates

To use one of the new templates, go to your campaign Settings and select the Permission tab then click Customize confirmation message. The new templates are marked (surprise, surprise) “New” and are located at the bottom of the dropdown menu — 8 of them in total.


The Choice Is Yours

The new HTML templates are an addition to our existing collection of plain-text templates, so they don’t exactly replace them. But we strongly encourage you to make the switch and choose one of the freshly designed templates.

Which one will you be using?

  • Hi, why don’t you allow us to customize the colours used for the various elements of these templates? That way we could use our respective brand colours. And why is every template restricted to one default text, why can’t you cycle between the default text options that are available across the various templates?

    Seems to me like you’ve taken a step in the right direction but you’re still not there. I find this a little odd considering that this is probably the most important email we send. First we choose to go with double-opt-in which already means subscriber leakage (albeit more engaged subscribers) and then we don’t get to make our confirmation emails look as good as they possibly could – leading to more leakage. Sure this is a big step up from the old text only mails but that was long overdue in any case. Interested to hear your thoughts…

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hi Jonas, the reason why every template is restricted to one default text is because we have to make sure that legally certain things are incorporated in the message. We cannot allow people to potentially send messages that could have spam content in a confirmation message.
    This is just to make sure that everything is up to code and that we create the best white list possible 🙂
    As far as colors go, thank you for your feedback! This is something that we will look into in the future, you could also pass this feedback to our support team so that it will be noted and looked into.

  • Hi Sara,
    thanks for your reply. I understand that you have to restrict the text so that it always says certain things. But within that framework you have created a few different versions of that default text already which you have randomly assigned to different templates.

    So one blue template for example has default text which is suitable for confirmations of new subscriptions whilst another orange template has text which is suitable for resubscribing when moving from a different ESP to Getresponse. Neither one of those template designs needs to be restricted to just one of those texts though. If we like a specific template design we should be able to choose that first and then decide which of your default text versions we want to use on it.

    I really liked one of your templates but couldn’t use it because the default text restricted it to be used for re-subscriptions after a newsletter move instead of new subscriptions.

    Anyhow, I’ll forward a link to these comments to your support team.

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Thank you Jonas! We appreciate valuable feedback like this