Social Savvy Email Marketer: Pinterest


Most of us are already using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for marketing. But what about other social media sites? Is it worth devoting time to them, too? In our “Social Savvy Email Marketer” series, we’ll take a look at other sites that may complement your email marketing and social media strategy. First on our list, let’s talk Pinterest.


Remember: When deciding on the sites you want to be on, there is one rule: go where your customers are.


Promote your products via Pinterest

This is probably the hottest site this year, hyped by some as “the next big thing.” Is it?

Well, research says Pinterest now drives almost as much traffic as Twitter. And Hitwise listed it among the top 5 social networks in 2011.


How Pinterest Works

If you’re wondering where all this is coming from, the answer is simple. Pinterest allows users to pin photos of products, services or anything interesting they find across the internet onto special boards in their Pinterest account.

This in turn means that, whenever someone finds an interesting item in your online store and pins it to their board, other users are more likely to find it, like it, or repin it to their own board, and so create a growing chain of potential visitors to your site.



Shared photos leave a trail

The great thing about Pinterest is that every pinned image always links back to the original site. Imagine what this means for your online business.

Sounds perfect? Well, it kinda is (well, almost). Here are a few things you can do to maximize your Pinterest results.

  • Use outstanding images on your site. Whether it’s product shots or photos depicting services you offer, now is the time to get creative. With Pinterest, photos are your greatest weapon, as they can grab the attention of the users and spread in a flash. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a wedding service, a jewelry store or an online service (just like us), make your photos stand out and get links flowing back to your website.
  • Use your imagination! Present your products as gifts or seasonal offers to make them more appealing. You’ll be surprised how quickly others will find your great photos of food, interiors or related products.

  • Use tags to make your pictures easier to find. Be sure to fill out the descriptions, too.
  • Show your company’s personality on your Pinterest account and pin content that’s tied to what you’re doing and selling – pictures of your office, your employees and how they work.  Pin infographics or any other visual content you produce or like, e.g. from your blog or – yes – newsletters! Take special care to make images in your newsletters stand out – shared on Pinterest, they’ll link back to the online version of your newsletter, giving it much more exposure.
  • Promote your profile by placing a “Follow me on Pinterest” button on your website, blog and in your emails. You can also use additional content for your email or posts on Pinterest.
  • Get repinned by adding a “Pin It” button to the products on your site – so readers can easily repin your pics to their boards.
  • Encourage collaboration on your Pinterest board by allowing access to your it (if you so choose.) An easy method is to run a theme contest every now and again.
  • Share interesting videos, because Pinterest is not just about images.
  • Engage the community. As with all social networks, don’t overpromote yourself. Repin what others do, and you will be repinned, too!


You may have already noticed some traffic coming to your website from Pinterest. Data from Monetate shows that referral traffic from Pinterest to the websites of five specialty apparel retailers jumped 389% from July-December 2011.


Any shortcomings?

Yes, Pinterest has got its flaws. First of all, there’s no analytics tool as such yet, so you can’t really monitor the traffic from your website to Pinterest – but many marketers hope that the still developing service will take care of that in the future.

And, there is a way to see what’s being pinned to the site from your website – to check this, simply go to Smart, huh?


Worth a shot, right?

These are just a few tips and ideas – look around the Internet for more inspiring examples of brands already using Pinterest. (and be sure to follow our profile!) If you think your potential customers are there, you should be there, too.

Stay tuned to this series for more on other interesting social networks. Up next – Instagram!

Are you already using Pinterest in your marketing? Tell us about it!

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