Social Sharing Boosts Email CTR By 158% [REPORT + INFOGRAPHIC]


Social media keeps evolving dynamically – sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the changes! The way the email-social relationship develops is equally dynamic. And from what we’re seeing, it’s definitely for the better. We’ve just updated our research from last year that shows even better results of email-social integration. On this occasion, we’ve put together a free special report and an infographic – read on to grab them both. 


If last year’s findings didn’t convince you to share your emails, maybe this year’s will?

Why should you share?

The major finding of the GetResponse analysis is that the number of users who include social sharing buttons in their emails increased from 18.3% to 29.4%. Compared to last year’s results, that’s an increase of 61%.

What’s even more striking is the exceptionally high performance results for newsletters that included social sharing buttons. Those emails had an average click-through-rate (CTR) 158% higher than emails that didn’t include social sharing. Check out yourself:


Social Sharing Boosts Email Results

[click for an enlarged version]

Highlights of the infographic

  • Facebook was included in almost every social email becoming the most popular sharing option. Its popularity increased by almost 9% compared to 2011. Twitter came a close second, almost doubling its result from the previous year.
  • LinkedIn noted a huge leap – the number of emails that included it increased from 8.5% last year to 68.1%. No wonder since the service kept its position of the top performer in email CTR.
  • Marketers not only share more frequently, but also on more social channels. The number of marketers who included 3 social sharing icons increased from just 7.4% in 2011 to almost 40% in 2012. An even larger bump can be observed for 4 and more icons that were previously used by just 0.1% (now used by 34.9%).
  • It’s interesting to see how Pinterest is performing (not included in our previous research) with a result of 46.4% of marketers who included social sharing.


Email marketing + social media integration

Social sharing can bring great results (hope you’re now convinced) but it will require some effort to optimize it. To help you with this, we put together a special report containing:


  • market research and industry benchmarks
  • more findings from our latest social sharing study
  • tips and techniques you can use to increase the effectiveness of your email and social communications by successfully integrating the two.


To download the report, click here.
Do you integrate your email marketing with social media?

  • abernardin

    What a lovely graphic. Very dramatic numbers in there! Three questions:

    Does the CTR include clicks on the sharing icons, or only clicks to the content links in the email?

    When you say there’s a higher CTR, is that an A/B comparison on different versions of individual emails (with and without sharing), or is that the CTR of one organization’s emails (with sharing) vs another org’s (without sharing).

    If it’s the latter, how are you drawing a causal relationship between the CTR and the sharing?

    Finally, are there examples of what you mean by including sharing icons in an email? Are you facilitating people sharing links to actual articles linked to by the email, or sharing the contents of the email?

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Thanks very much for the comment! And to answer your questions:

    The CTR does include the links on the sharing icons.

    This research is not based on an A/B comparison, so we’re dealing with completely different emails, some of them containing sharing icons, some of them not. That’s when we come to the third question and we admit that we’ve made a bit of a simplification in the title. We’re trying to show that marketers who include social sharing icons see higher CTRs (but there are more factors at stake, such as the fact that those marketers usually build stronger relationships with their subscribers and the sharing is part of how they do that. Sorry if the headline is a bit confusing – we didn’t intend it that way).

    As far as including the icons in the emails, we facilitate the sharing of actual content of the email – in GetResponse you simply drag and drop the desired icons to your email and they automatically include the link to the online version of the email that can later be shared. You can find more information on how this works here:

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Thanks Mary! We don’t have an updated report at this point but planning to prepare one. Will make sure to let you know!