Start for Free: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Email Marketing


Do experts keep mentioning how email is one of the more effective ways to market your real estate business? Yet you really aren’t sure how to implement it… Or do you have a complex autoresponder running that just doesn’t seem to work? Maybe you haven’t tried internet marketing and still stick mainly to cold calling. Wherever you are, there is tons of value you can get from your business by adapting an email marketing campaign.  Email is the best driver of sales when marketing online. Think about it.

All of your contacts inevitably have emails. Not everyone has Facebook, or Twitter, or any other social network. Email is the best way to easily get in front of your contacts consistently. Plus, you can easily automate an email marketing system. And you can get in front of all your ‘leads’ for next to nothing. In fact, with GetResponse you can do all of this for free.

Here is one step-by-step solution for implementing an email marketing program for your real estate business:


Start simple. Start sending newsletters.

Automation, autoresponders, and drip sequences are great. But they are also a great way to mess up your brand. How? Well, when you are starting out emailing your leads, you don’t really know what will work. You aren’t sure what they’ll respond to.

Most real estate drip sequences that I have seen are terrible.  They don’t offer any interesting tips or advice. Rather, they end up looking slightly better than a billboard that says, “I’m the best realtor. Do business through me.”

I suggest you start out by shooting for a 4-to-1 value ratio. That means emailing your leads 4 purely educational messages before you ask for the sale. You can include a small P.S. in all your emails asking for business. But your response rate will be a lot higher if these emails are mostly about giving value. My favorite phrase when it comes to internet marketing is “Give to get.” If you give the most value to people on your list and in your community, you will sell more.

If you’re struggling for things to write about, I suggest you get ideas from will show you the most popular articles and social shares about any topic. You can easily find the most popular real estate articles and rewrite them for your email sequence.

For example, you could write an email interviewing local people about their specific communities. Or you could partner with another local business and offer a special discount to that business. A great newsletter idea is also to make video tours of neighborhoods. You can do this easily with your iPhone and then upload it to Youtube. All you have to do then is email out the Youtube video to your list of subscribers.

In all these cases, we are providing interesting value to our list. This helps them remember you when it’s time to do business.

To do send all these emails, I suggest getting a free trial account at GetResponse and sending 10 emails to your leads before creating an autoresponder.

After you’ve sent 10 emails, you will have some analytics.  You will see what messages get opened and clicked.  More importantly, you’ll see what messages cause people to contact you about buying/selling their home.


Turn the top performing newsletters into an autoresponder

You’ve now sent about 10 emails to your list. We’re now going to setup your very first autoresponder. The reason we’re doing this is to establish repeatable results and to automate the task of grooming our leads through email. As I said up top, most real estate autoresponders are terrible billboards. Yours won’t be. Simply take the best 3 performing newsletters you’ve sent and turn them into an autoresponder.

This is a very powerful tool for your real estate business, and because now you should start seeing predictable leads come in. You know that if you get 100 emails a week, 3-5% of them will do business with you within 2 months. Your numbers will vary. But with your autoresponder you will have predictable income.


The final step.

Setup a newsletter to only go out to people that have completed the autoresponder. Now that we have an autoresponder setup, it’s time to keep sending out newsletters. Basically, you’re going to repeat the process of only adding successful newsletters into your autoresponder.

There is an awesome GetResponse feature that lets us only email our new newsletters to people who have finished the autoresponder.  Simply go to “Search Contacts” and create a saved search for contacts that have completed the autoresponder. Everytime you go to send a newsletter, you can select this particular saved search.

You then can continue to add newsletters onto your autoresponder sequence and slowly build up it’s length. This method will ensure only the best emails get onto your autoresponder sequence. Which is what every realtor should want!


Pro Tip: A great way to add a light call to action at the bottom of your email

A lot of real estate agents aren’t comfortable sending out emails without calls to action. So, here is a simple way to unobtrusively add one to every email in your sequence. Simply add a button like this to the bottom of your email:

Example of add a call-to-action button for email marketing of real estate

A high percentage of your subscribers scroll to the bottom of the email without reading the message. This button will be seen by a lot of people and is unobtrusive to your content.  It’s a great way to increase your response rate while not sacrificing the value you provide via your emails.

Now that you have your beginner’s guide to real estate email marketing, you can begin your journey to success!

Share with us in the comments below, what you think is most important in real estate marketing.


About our Guest Blogger: Tyler Zey is the digital marketing director and contributing editor for the Real Estate Digital Marketing blog on


  • Love the article. You mentioned a 4-1 Value to Selling ratio and that’s a really great point. Nothing scared people off more than sell sell sell. The light call to action is a better way to ease people into connecting with you.

  • Souqgrandeur

    I think its time i started on email marketing. I tried using Mailchimp at first but i think i did something wrong and it just ovewhelmed me. Maybe i give it another shot

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hi there! That’s great to hear, if you ever need inspiration or help be sure to check out our learning center and you can always reach out to our support team here –

  • Hey,
    This was an awesome post. In past, I have received some good benefits but nowadays getting many emails landed in the spam folder or not in primary tab.

    Is there any service using which I can land my emails in a primary tab?

  • Michal Leszczynski

    Hey Ashutosh,

    It’s difficult to land in your subscriber’s primary tab and no service will guarantee that you’ll end up there. Gmail and other providers have developed the email inboxes in such way, for a reason – subscribers convenience. But there are a few things you can do, to have your emails moved to the primary tab.

    1. Ask your subscribers to move your email to the primary tab, to ensure your emails will always reach them. If they value your content enough, they’ll be happy to do so.
    2. Ask your subscribers to add you to their contacts list. It should guarantee that your emails will be moved to the primary tab.
    3. Ask your subscribers to reply to your message. This should improve your chances of getting there.

    But please bear in mind that it’s not always necessary to land in the primary tab. In fact, when consumers are opening their primary tab, they’re more in a mindset of replying to messages/chatting to friends/paying their bills. When they’re opening the promotional tab, that’s when they know, they might need to get their credit card out and purchase something.
    So it’s not a lost battle, if you’re in the promotional tab 🙂