The Easiest Way to Double Your Income With GetResponse


Guest post by J. Marion

NOTE:  Today’s guest blog post is from a long-time GetResponse customer who runs a 7-figure info marketing business and includes a very simple tip to use GetResponse to boost your income immediately!

If you are someone who keeps in frequent contact with your newsletter subscribers and also tracks your results (hope you do both!) then the tips I’m about to share with you in today’s post are perhaps the easiest way to double your email marketing income.


GetResponse Feature:  Mail to unopens

From the Statistics menu tab, select Email Analytics.  Here is where you will find full reporting on how your email message performed from an open rate and click through rate standpoint, along with a drop down list of all of your previously sent newsletters so you can view stats for each.

GetResponse Email Analytics
With these stats, you can tell which emails performed best, and you’ll also see displayed how many people did NOT open those high performing emails because:

a) They were too busy that day
b) The subject line didn’t grab them enough
c) They were too busy that day 🙂

We all get a lot of email, and the reality is that most people won’t open every newsletter you send, even if they are an avid subscriber.  So when you find an email that works great (high open rate, high click through rate, high sales) sending that email again with a different subject line to catch those who may have missed it the first time due to the reasons mentioned above is automatically guaranteed success.

Generally, I find that sending to unopens approximately 5 – 7 days after a high peforming send will bring in 50 – 70% more income from that send.  And it literally only takes 5 mins to set up and a couple clicks!


Here are the simple steps:

1.  Go to Statistics >> Email Analytics

2.  Select the message you want to view stats for from the drop down list

3.  Scroll down and select the check box next to “unopened”

4.  After the number of contacts loads, select “Send Message” to create a new message to send to everyone who did not open your original email

5.  Copy and paste your original email and change the subject line to a slight variation of the original

6.  Make sure to send yourself a test message to check your formatting and links! (you should always be doing this)

And that’s all there is to it!

All in all, it takes about 5 minutes to do and will usually result in 50 – 75% more income from your best sends!

Use this tip today!  Go ahead and try it today and let us know how it does for you!  You will DEF make more money from just a few minutes of work!

  • ethan chong

    Hey, thanks for the great tips! Kind of new to internet marketing, so this is a very useful tip to know!

  • Jim_Ducharme

    Glad you found the tips useful Ethan!