The Easy Way to Generate Content for Your Company Blog


I’ve always said that starting a corporate blog is like bringing a new puppy home – you have to be sure family members will commit to feed it and look after it once the puppy love has worn off.  While you may not have to paper train your blog, you do have to feed it and blogs eat content.


During the puppy love phase, it’s usually easy to do. However, as time goes on it gets harder and harder for most to come up with more posts – the puppy just isn’t so cute anymore.

Gradually what was once fun becomes a chore and you aren’t getting as many people volunteering to post and even those tasked with providing content are ducking you. This is a natural progression that many blog managers experience.

If you are lucky, you are at least left with a couple of diehard contributors who continue to make the time to participate. If you aren’t so lucky, creating content can begin to dominate your days.

There’s nothing sadder than a lonely, neglected dog, howling and whimpering in the backyard all day. The same goes for your corporate blog. Let’s talk about how you can make sure that you never have to leave your blog tied up in the backyard alone and forgotten.

Your blog is the hub from which all the other channels radiate from. Email, social, all of them need your blog to be well fed in order for you to see a good ROI on your online marketing efforts.


What your blog should be doing

  • Answering the questions that your customers and potential customers have
  • Demonstrating how your products add value to people’s lives
  • Proactively dealing with customer service or product issues
  • Product and pricing promotions
  • Humanizing (socializing) your brand
  • Involving your customers in product development
  • Showing  you value your customer’s by listening and acting on their feedback


Remember, it’s not important what your product can do, but what people do with it and your blog is the place to demonstrate that.


Content doesn’t have to be hard

The very first point above is the key to generating great content for your blog! Your customers have questions about your products and services and those questions give you the seeds for excellent content.  The people best suited to know what these questions are happen to be your customer facing staff:

  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Resellers
  • Affiliates


Gather these people, find out what questions are being asked and then answer them!


You can also use online searches to find out what people are talking asking about. Gather the questions and then use them as the grist for blog posts. The beauty of this approach is that you will find yourself creating some great evergreen content which will remain relevant for ages.

Also, each post derived from this approach can provide inspiration for yet more content. Once you get this rolling, you can build on the momentum and if you find things slowing down, go back to the same sources or earlier posts for more juice.


Take a look at what Marcus Sheridan from has to say about generating content for your corporate blog in my video interview with him at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012. You’ll find more email marketing insight @ GetResponse TV.



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