The Effectiveness of US Email Campaigns by Region − the Report. by Kate Grochowska

The primary focus of the GetResponse blog is to help our clients improve their email campaigns. You’ve told us that our reports are very useful when planning, creating, and sending your messages, so we’re generating more for you! This time we tracked email marketing performance across the United States to find out what level of responses their messages receive.

We studied Open, Click-through, Bounce, and Complaint Rates, then tracked them in more than 2 billion GetResponse messages sent from the USA. Finally, we analyzed and organized all the statistics into one report called “The Effectiveness of US Email Campaigns by Region”. So satisfy your curiosity and check out how your region performed. We may have studied YOU!

Highlights from the report:
•    The highest average Open Rate (OR) was scored by the Pacific region with 33.55%, while the lowest was the Mid-Atlantic with 18.57.
•    The highest average CTR of 4.94% belongs to New England, while the lowest at 2.20% was returned by the Mountain region.
•   Mid-Atlantic had the lowest average CR of 0.15% (lower is better!) and the highest belonged to Mountain.
•    Taking first place in the category of average Bounce Rate (BR) was Mountain with its LOW 1.86% bounce rate; and last place belongs to New England with 2.43%.

Interesting huh! This is just a sample of the study rankings. If you’re wondering where your region landed on the scoreboard, click to download the FREE report “The Effectiveness of US Email Campaigns by Region” NOW!

To download, click here.

  • Autoresponder Review

    Great, information like this is extremely hard to come by..

  • Great information to have. It will be better if there is comparison year over year to see whether there is any shift in readers’ behaviors.

  • nassim

    Great, information like this is extremely hard to come by..

  • Katarzyna Grochowska

    Kenny, thanks for your tip – next time we’ll try to take into consideration more detailed reports. Anyway, glad you find it useful!





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