The many ways you can use your GetResponse Email Campaign Archive


It’s a virtual business card! A resource library! A product showcase?! Can it be the brand new Email Campaign Archive delivers all these features in one – talk about one-stop-shopping! Actually, there are lots more… But first, a refresher. A few weeks ago we wrote about the grand opening of our Email Campaign Archive which lets you to create a fully branded web site offering one-click access to all your email promotions, articles and newsletters. And that includes your amazing graphics, audio-video demos, and marketing presentations!

That means that you can showcase the best of the best – and make it easily available not only for your subscribers, but to prospects, web site visitors, event attendees, potential business partners, and more! All they have to do to tour your Campaign Archive is click the link you provide in a message or signature file. What a great way to share the history, products, and value messages of your brand with the world! And the fact that you are “opening your doors” to the public speaks volumes!

Now you learned how to set up your own Campaign Archive in our recent blog post. This time we’d like to discuss some of the business uses and benefits you could get from using your Email Campaign Archive to promote your brand.

Three features and counting…

As we noted, you can use links to your Email Campaign Archive like a virtual business card, use and recommend it as a resource library and, of course, highlight certain campaigns and newsletters as an online product showcase – all in one url. But first, make sure you’ve branded your site – after all, that’s the point! Place your business and/or product logos and images at the top of Archive page so it’s immediately recognizable as your site. You may want to make it easier to browse by grouping links to articles, newsletters and promotions under categories you want to promote, such as product lines, demos, events, customer stories, etc. Come to think of it, what a great training resource center for team members, partners, etc.!

Capture new subscribers

When creating your Email Campaign Archive, be sure to include a web form to capture new subscribers that were wowed by your site. Like this one, for example:

Add links to your Email Campaign Archive on your web site or blog. New subscribers who have reviewed your online archive can be even more valuable, because they’ve had a chance to get to know you and the type of messages you send before they sign up, so chances are they’ll stick around.

What’s more, it’s a great way to capture subscribers who never thought about signing up, but are curious and “take the tour”. If your content is good (and we know it is), they’ll make the decision to sign up. How could they resist?

Create buzz with Social Media

Every newsletter in your Email Campaign Archive has its own link, so you can tweet links to the latest issue, offer links to reference articles, promotions, or case studies – anything that’s useful or relevant can be linked in your messages. And including your virtual business card is a great way to introduce new products to the online marketplace. All you have to do is add the links while you’re editing your messages to spread the buzz about your business! Be sure to also publish links to your Email Campaign Archive on your Twitter and Facebook profile pages. It’s a great way to share the history and value of your brand with your Social Media fans.

There’s probably hundreds more great uses for the GetResponse Campaign Archive, so why don’t you take a shot at it! Share your ideas in Comments and help us promote!