The New Email Creator Is Here! (Beta)


It’s here! The all-new Email Creator will completely change the way you create your newsletters. Our developers, designers and webmasters have spared no effort to make your email creation more powerful, enjoyable, inspiring and easier!



We’re thrilled to announce that the new revolutionary Email Creator is available for beta tests. Simply log into your account and experience the pure joy of creating beautiful emails.


Discover Email Creator’s limitless creative possibilities:

    • All-new pre-designed templates: adjust them with a few clicks to best reflect your vision, brand image and industry profile.



    • Email layouts: multiple layouts (from 1- to 4-column variations) for your unique creative vision.



    • Revolutionary drag-and-drop image editor: easily resize, crop, copy, move, delete or save your photos and graphics to breathe life into your emails.



    • Drag-and-drop blocks: quickly add buttons, text blocks, social share buttons etc. anywhere you want.



    • Email creation history: go back to any stage of your draft without risk of losing your work. Compare and create alternate versions.



    • Snippets archive: save elements of your template, such as buttons, graphics, and headers, and reuse them in different newsletters.


    • Time Travel: deliver your emails at the same local time all over the world.



  • Quick and simple template imports: have a custom-made template ready to use? Copy and paste the html code, or import from ZIP or URL with one click.

Plus many other tools and functionalities to unlock your creative potential. Watch video to learn more.


For maximum results we recommend to use the new Email Creator beta version with the following Internet browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.


Try it now!

Become a true architect of your emails and your marketing success – choose the new Email Creator (beta), and let it unlock your creative genius. With the new editor your creation is limitless.


Get ready for a revolution! Get ready to create! And let us know about your favorite Email Creator feature in the Comments below.

  • Joana1978

    This is just unbelievably F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C!!

  • Frank

    I just used it. It’s awesome!!

  • hugeheadca

    Thanks Frank and Joana! The response so far has been great! This is beta so please let us know about any problems you have by emailing

    Jim Ducharme
    Community Manager

  • John Downley

    I have been playing with your editor for the last two hours or so. You guys ready for some feedback? Ok, here it goes… As a webdesigner and a marketer, I must tell you that I’m simply shocked with your new editor. I have just used it for the first time to send out a newsletter, and if I were to give it a blitz review, I’d simply say “it all just comes together*. The drag ‘n drop interface is simple, and I love how I can move elements around without breaking stuff. New templates are gorgeous (can we have some more please?). Image editing tools (resize, crop, move) are unbelievable. The way I see it you’re changing the way how the newsletters are created, and this friggin’ new editor of yours is just drop dead gorgeous. If it were a girl, I’d marry her right now.

  • HannaAndrzejewska

    Hi John,
    thanks so much for appreciation, that’s the best that can return to us from our customers. Yes, more templates and other surprises are coming once the tests are over and we can launch the stable version. And stay tuned as we’re planning to launch some promos that might be of interest to you:)

    Many thanks!!

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Thanks very much for your valuable feedback – we’re already working on this!

  • sk722

    That would be awesome! If we are able to drag things and place them in the order we would like and not have to conform to the scratch template, i think this tool will be VERY POWERFUL and extremely useful to every client who uses GetResponse! Thank you for your prompt reply! I look forward to this being implemented!

  • John Downley

    Sounds great Hanna. It lagged a bit on Thursday, but I wasn’t concerned as it is beta. However, I noticed that the creator works _much faster_ as of yesterday, and that’s great. Are you going to add more templates? I am in love with this Creator. Kudos!

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    We’ve just added the new function to the editor – why don’t you try it out? 🙂 Hope you like it – you can now add new columns and manipulate the elements anyway you want.

  • Great post! I really like the post to distribute with us, new beta editors looks amazing. That’s the best that can return to us from our customers and they asked to implement same in their email campaign… it is great stuff and helpful to everyone…. Please I request to continuing updates as same subject…

  • CFelts0986

    Why are the templates for email marketing (beta) in a non-English language? I would so prefer English.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Hi, this is just sample text to mark up the space, you can change it to your own.

  • Does the html emails work in all email accounts? I used the old one long ago and it always break in certain email accounts.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    It’s true that the HTML can appear slightly different in different email clients – but you can now test this using our Inbox Preview and see how the message is displayed – then optimalize the message if necessary.

  • While you’ve achieved something very slick with the blocks you can move around and save, limitless is not the right word.
    Am I missing something or is it no longer possible to quirky drop into HTML and fix something? Can I not insert an image wherever I want in the text or does it have to be a special image + text block? I can’t see any way to insert a video (I know that’s not reliable in email but it is possible).

    I can’t see a way to paste from Word so pasting from a doc or from a webpage or another email. Is this possible?

    Plus the font size got corrupted yesterday on one line of text and I couldn’t make it larger whatever I did. Then eventually the editor wouldn’t open that newsletter at all.It just hung with the spinning circle thing.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback – please remember that the editor is still in beta so we really appreciate any information on problems you’re experiencing while using it so we can fix them right away.

    Please note that the drag&drop editor has been precisely created for those who don’t want to use HTML at all. If you’re using a predesigned template or any of the layouts, you’ll see that it’s really flexible and you can not only shuffle the blocks around but also resize them or duplicate them so that the template can in fact be completely turned around to a design you want. Although yes, you do have to operate in blocks, or modules.

    The structure of such a newsletter is created in a way that it practically eliminates any possibility of an error in the code. This is one of the reasons it can’t be further HTML-edited within the drag&drop editor.

    But the drag&drop is actually part of a bigger whole that’s the new Email Creator. If it’s not enough for you and you would like to edit the code yourself instead of relying on the drag&drop editor, simply use the HTML editor that’s also available. And you can also import an existing template if you have one by simply copy/pasting the code from a document or uploading a ZIP file or a url address.

    This is why we call it limitless – as it allows you to start virtually anywhere to arrive at your destination – a beautiful newsletter.

    We do appreciate your comments and will discuss them with the Team to see how we can further improve the service. Do let us know if you have any further comments or questions.

  • Simon Thomas

    Hi i can’t add video to the email no matter what I do. I watched the tutorial and the option to add multimedia as described is not available. I have sent several emails to support and have heard nothing back. Quite frustrating at this point. Please let me know how to do it or fix it as I paid my money for this feature. Otherwise everything else works well.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Hi Simon, at the moment adding video is available via the old editor – and I guess this is what you’ve seen in the tutorial. Thanks for the feedback – the new editor is still in open beta so we’re collecting all the suggestions and this one will also make it to our list.

    We’ll let you know where this goes as far as the video in new email creator is concerned – and in the meantime, please use the old editor as per the tutorial if you want to attach video files.

  • Austin Wagoner

    I want to be able to utilize the Time Travel feature to send emails to my subscribers from around the world at a set local time. However, when I reach the “Summary” page within the email creator, I do not have the option to use the Time Travel feature–there are simply 2 options where I can specify the date/time and the time zone (both in drop down menus); I don’t have the option to segment my list based on time zone AND THEN specify the time/date. Please let me know how I can enable the Time Travel feature. Thanks.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Hi Austin, to use the Time Travel option, all you need is to click “Schedule” in the last step and then enable it with a switch.

    The function of the feature is not to segment your list and send at different local times – what it does is it automatically knows (based on the geolocation settings of your subscribers) in which time zone they are and delivers your newsletters at your chosen time but according to their time zone.

    So, for example, if you want your subscribers to receive your newsletter at 2 pm, those who live in the US will receive it at 2 pm of their local time while those who live in Europe will receive it a few hours later, when it’s 2 pm according to their local time. The whole point of the feature is that there’s no need to segment the list – this happens automatically, and everyone will receive your email when it’s 2 pm (or whenever you specify) at their geographical location.

    Hope this helps!

  • Pooja

    What should I do? Am getting an ‘image resize and crop’ error.. i can’t figure it out. i try to save or send but nothing happens!! do let me know!

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hi Pooja, have you tried clearing your cache/cookies and trying again?

  • Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

    Hi there! If the cache/cookie clearing isn’t working for you, please be sure to reach out to our support team and show them a screenshot, you can even chat online with them, follow this link to get in touch with us