The State Of Email Marketing In SMBs 2011.Free Special Report


In November of last year, we ran a quick test – Email Marketing Success Tester – for all email marketers, to test their know-how and awareness of email marketing strategies. We promised to follow up with an analysis of the Tester’s results. Today we proudly announce that our free report – The State Of Email Marketing In SMBs 2011 – is ready for download.


The study set out to analyze the implementation of the most popular email marketing practices, strategies and trends amongst the SMB marketers. It tried to answer the following questions:

  • Which email marketing tools are the most and the least popular among marketers?
  • How do business units of different sizes implement email marketing strategies?
  • What are the major differences in utilization of email marketing strategies by specific industry sectors?


To complete the report we’ve analyzed answers from 600 marketers regarding lead generation, segmentation and list hygiene, newsletter optimization and deliverability. Our overall goal was to find out how many marketers are aware of and actually utilize the various optimization strategies.


The overall results confirm the growing awareness of advanced email marketing strategies amongst the SMB marketers, as the average number of “yes” answers to all questions is above 50%. However the discrepancies in results for particular strategies prove that some of them are highly popular, whereas others – still overlooked.


Here are a few selected insights from the report:


  • The majority of respondents are diligent about legal compliance and subscription-based lead generation: 79% use sign-up forms to grow lists; 71% provide unsubscribe forms in their newsletters; 72% use a confirmed opt-in subscription model.
  • Quite a large group indicates that they have high deliverability (62%), low complaint ratio (69%) and effective delivery to major client inboxes (68%).
  • Most respondents realize the importance of regular mailings (70%), personalization (58%), compelling subject line (68%), and stats analysis (61%).
  • The industry that’s most proficient in implementation of email marketing strategies is the publishing sector with top average results of 65%.
  • Surprisingly, only 50% of the researched marketers use some type of email-to-social collaboration. This means that, even if their brand is present on various social networks, cross-channel marketing is practically non-existent – a shame, given the benefits it can offer.


The Report is divided into 3 handy sections, showing the results by marketing strategy, by business size sector, and by business industry, to make scanning and comparative analysis easy. We hope that it will provide you with some valuable insights and answers to your questions about implementation of email marketing strategies by your industry competitors.


And all you have to do is click this link to download.


Enjoy the reading!