Those Forbidden SPAM words!



A couple of days ago we wrote about why recipients mark your messages as SPAM. We received some good feedback and since we agree that it’s an important subject – especially with the upcoming holiday “spammathon”, we decided to follow up with some more basics…

SPAM is a “four-letter word” that can make you furious when you don’t understand the reasons behind it, or give you a few sleepless nights before a big campaign. Now we’re pretty sure that you know the basic SPAM words such as “sex”, “drugs”, “Viagra” or “for free” and “no cost”. But there are many more words and phrases that can cause that your messages to be blocked by ISP SPAM filters, and the list grows longer every day!

So we decided to do our own research and discover the most common words and phrases you should avoid using in your title, subject line, and message content.
It’s not the entire SPAM list, of course, but at least it will highlight the “big offenders” so you can bookmark or print it out to make sure your email marketing campaigns avoid the “curse of SPAM!” and hit their targets every time!

SPAM words

Accept credit cards

Cancel at any time

Consolidate debt and credit

Act now! Don’t hesitate!

Can’t live without

Stop snoring

Additional income Addresses on CD

Cash bonus

get it now

All natural


Special promotion



Copy accurately

Apply Online

Cell phone cancer scam

Copy DVDs

As seen on

Cents on the dollar

Credit bureaus

Billing address

Check or money order

Credit card offers

Auto email removal

Claims not to be selling anything

Cures baldness

Avoid bankruptcy

Claims to be in accordance with some spam law

Dear email

Be amazed

Claims to be legal

Dear friend

Be your own boss

Claims you are a winner

Dear somebody

Being a member

Claims you registered with some kind of partner

Different reply to

Big bucks

Click below

Dig up dirt on friends

Bill 1618

Click here link

Direct email

Billion dollars

Click to remove

Direct marketing

Brand new pager

Click to remove mail to

Discusses search engine listings

Bulk email

Compare rates

Do it today

Buy direct

Compete for your business

Don’t delete

Buying judgments

Confidentially on all orders

Drastically reduced

Cable converter


Earn per week

Call free

Call now

Easy terms

Calling creditors

Cannot be combined with any other offer

Eliminate bad credit

Expect to earn

Lower interest rates

Email harvest

Fantastic deal

Lower monthly payment

Email marketing

Fast Viagra delivery

Lowest price

One hundred percent guaranteed

Financial freedom

Luxury car

One time mailing

Find out anything

Mail in order form

Online biz opportunity

For free

Marketing solutions

Online pharmacy

For instant access

Mass email

Only $

For just $ (some amt)

Meet singles


Free access

Member stuff

Opt in

Free cell phone

Message contains disclaimer

Order now

Free consultation

Money back

Order status

Free DVD

Money making

Orders shipped by priority mail

Free grant money

Month trial offer

Outstanding values

Free hosting

More Internet traffic

Pennies a day

Free installation

Mortgage rates

People just leave money laying around

Free investment

Multi level marketing

Please read

Free leads


Potential earnings

Free membership

Name brand

Print form signature

Free money

New customers only

Print out and fax

Free offer

New domain extensions

Produced and sent out

Free preview



Free priority mail

No age restrictions

Promise you …!

Free quote

No catch

Pure profit

Free sample

No claim forms

Real thing

Free trial

No cost

Refinance home

Free website

No credit check

Removal instructions

Full refund

No disappointment

Remove in quotes

Get paid

No experience

Remove subject

Get started now

No fees

Removes wrinkles

Gift certificate

No gimmick

Reply remove subject

Great offer

No inventory

Requires initial investment


No investment

Reserves the right

Have you been turned down?

No medical exams

Reverses aging

Hidden assets

No middleman

Risk free

Home employment

No obligation

Round the world

Human growth hormone

No purchase necessary

S 1618

If only it were that easy

No questions asked

Safeguard notice

In accordance with laws

No selling

Satisfaction guaranteed

Increase sales

No strings attached

Save $

Increase traffic

Not intended

Save big money


Off shore

Save up to

Investment decision

Offer expires

Score with babes

It’s effective

Offers coupon

Section 301

Join millions of Americans

Offers extra cash

See for yourself

Laser printer

Offers free (often stolen) passwords

Sent in compliance

Limited time only

Once in lifetime

Serious cash

Long distance phone offer

One hundred percent free

Serious only

Lose weight spam

They’re just giving it away

Shopping spree

Sign up free today

This isn’t junk

Why pay more?

Social security number

This isn’t spam

Will not believe your eyes

Stainless steel

University diplomas


Stock alert



Stock disclaimer statement

Unsecured credit/debt

Work at home

Stock pick


You have been selected

Strong buy

US dollars

Your income

Stuff on sale

Vacation offers

They keep your money — no refund!

Subject to credit

Viagra and other drugs

While supplies last

Supplies are limited

Wants credit card

While you sleep

Take action now

We hate spam

Who really wins?

Talks about hidden charges

We honor all

Terms and conditions

Talks about prizes

Weekend getaway

The best rates

Tells you it’s an ad

What are you waiting for?

The following form

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  • Anthony

    One to add to your list: I had an email rejected because it had “Hi” in the subject line.

  • Hello every one.

    It looks almost impossible to write something in English..
    Just about every 2nd word becomes spam 🙁

    Black lists filters must get better and filter out phrases and not words. just as Google searches “intelligently” so must the black lists/anti spams.

    Maybe we should start Emailing Videos and MP3s and not text… ?


  • Jim Tuffin

    Interesting and very useful. I copy and pasted all the above words into an email and sent it to another couple of email addresses and they both got through without being trapped. Perhaps tjhe secret is to to use all the words! 🙂

    Keep up the blogging this great info.


  • I am amazed at the difference between what 1 isp considers spam and what another one does.
    I still get emails with lots of those words to one of my email accounts (I wont mention which isp) but strangely certain other accounts block them entirely.
    I also find it strange which phrases could be considered spam by isp’s these days – Billing address for example, and any other phrase which might legitimately relate to online purchases.
    The world of spam seems crazy to me!

  • Thanks for the information…….

  • I heard that you should never use the word ‘specialist’ in your email subject because the word ‘cialis’ is embedded in it.

  • Great list, thanks! Goes to show how tenacious spammers have become.

  • Interesting, this should go to my checklist from now on!

  • We just couldnt leave your website before saying that we really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

  • Good to know as I am quite new to internet marketing and info is a must…..

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  • It looks like a lot of forbidden words but the more you do email marketing, the more it becomes second nature to avoid them. Thanks for providing this list.

  • Be careful of sites like that -be sure they are not link farms because Google can tell and if it looks like it is only there for a backlink, they will actually rate your site lower. This is a really good article for gettings great backlinks for free (I would never pay)

  • Bakare O.

    The world of SPAM is killing us little by little, what on earth will someone write on that he won’t include most of these words that are considered as spam. This is an eye opener for me, though. Thanks for the effort. God bless

  • Thomas

    Thank you for this list. I have a question: Do you have a “sp*m words” list in other languages, too? In my case, I’m interested in German.

    Thank you

  • Piotr,

    Here’s what I’ve found out…

    It’s almost impossible to write an email without using at least two or three (minimum) of those spam words listed above. So I don’t worry too much about it because I write my emails with some of those words on a regular basis so that it makes sense.

    Besides, it comes to down to ‘how’ you say it and not entirely what you say in this case.

    Avoid the hype and use HTML to hyperlink your call to actions like “free access” to get your messages through.

    It’s a good practice to also to test all your emails before sending them out.



    No wonder some mails jump into spam!
    I never knew I was going against some rules. Thanks GR

  • I setu up a web in English few weeks ago and keep receiving SPAM
    containing mainly medical words. Maybe you can find it useful for

    Much more spam will come to my guestbook in future, so I´ll use my forbidden word filter like T9 for writing SMS. A new spam = new wort into filter.