Time Travel Has Never Been Easier!


If your customers are located in different time zones, running time-sensitive promos can be a real pain. Imagine sending a daily deal newsletter to reach all subscribers at 7:00 AM local time.

In the past, you’d either schedule individual mailings for each different time zone or lose out on conversions, because the delivery time wouldn’t be perfectly adjusted for everybody. Why? Because your customers located in New York would receive the same email three hours earlier than your Southwestern customers!

But that was the past. Today, GetResponse has come up with a brand-new, futuristic solution. We proudly introduce Time Travel: a feature that makes even the DeLorean time machine look bush-league!



What is Time Travel?

Time Travel is a totally unique and powerful feature that takes lots of labor off your busy hands. By unique, I mean that you won’t find Time Travel at your “average email provider”.

The IT scientists behind GetResponse Email Marketing invented a feature that even Back to the Future’s Doc Brown wouldn’t be ashamed of.

Time Travel allows you to deliver your newsletters to recipients located in different time zones at the same local hour. In other words, you can now schedule an email promo to deploy at 8:00 AM local time and rest assured that subscribers in Canada, New Mexico or even Asia receive the same offer at 8:00 AM in their locations!



How does it work?

Time Travel does all the magic for you. It discreetly pins down the location of your subscribers based on their IP address and schedules the delivery of your email in full accordance with your preference and their local time.

The effect: on-time delivery with the click of one button and no more hassle with creating GEO-located segments of subscribers in different time zones!



3 reasons you NEED Time Travel

If you think Time Travel is a feature that’s applicable only for multi-billion dollar corporations running their operations from Tokyo to New York, let me give you 3 reasons why every small and mid-size business needs Time Travel in their toolkit.


1. Always stand out from inbox clutter

Whether you send out daily deals in the early AM or promote webinar registrations, you want to stand out from inbox clutter. The best way to do that is to deliver your offers at the hour subscribers open the emails most often (e.g. 7:00 AM local time).

Time Travel allows you to adjust that easily, so your Los Angeles customers won’t get their “7:00 AM” daily deals at 10:00 AM local time, just because you’re located in New York.


2. Drive more webinar participants

Over the last few months I’ve learned that running a successful webinar relies heavily on the promotion of the event. Email is a great channel for that, so make sure you deliver the registration links and reminders at the appropriate time—when your recipients open and read their emails.

You don’t want to lose out on your audience!


3. Juice up your email content.

Imagine how smart it’d be to open your newsletter with the following line:


Dear [[name]],

I know it’s only 6:00 AM at your place, and I have zero intentions of waking you up. I just thought I’d reach out with my daily offer in the early morning, so you can take a glance at these super deals while you enjoy that morning cup of coffee!


The key to perfectly adjusting the content to the actual time of delivery is GetResponse Time Travel feature.

Now you can play around with your sales pitch in the email and show recipients that you have a personal connection with them and actually KNOW more about them than they thought.

And if you show them that you KNOW, they’ll soon understand that you CARE and they’ll start ordering more products from your website.


How do I start?

To use Time Travel, just try sending the newsletter via GetResponse Brand New Email Creator. In the final step of the process when you schedule the message, simply enable Time Travel, and you’ll see the proportion of recipients located in various time zones.



Time Travel: the real deal, not science-fiction.

Marty & Jennifer approved

  • Valentine

    good one. keep it up

  • I think you got me hooked. I really didn’t want to switch to the new interface, but if switching is the only way I can get “time travel,” I’m going to find the time to make the switch.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Give it a try – and let us know what you think!

  • Sumaya Kabbara El Ayoubi

    This is great, I like it very much. I always have this problem and now it will be solved. Thanks.

  • Hstorey

    Hi Mac
    Do you have any data to show what is the best time to send for open rates?

  • Thanks for all your feedback. I’m sure using Time Travel is a risk-free and effortless way to optimize the timing of delivering your newsletters 🙂

  • Hi Harley. Pinning down the best time for open rates depends mostly on the content you send and the target group that receives your emails. Usually, for most newsletters, the best delivery hours are morning hours (7AM – 11AM), around Tuesday / Wednesday. Still, if you promote goods / services like party costumes, or weekend events, you might want to rethink this strategy and mail more intensively on Thursday / Friday afternoons. As always in email marketing, the best way to find the exact sweet spot for your audience is to perform tests. GetResponse allows you to schedule split-tests at different hours, mail the same email at different times to segments of subscribers, etc. so I surely recommend this approach.

  • Michael C

    I tried this for the first time and got all excited but then saw all the numbers on the world map of my recipients and they only added up to around 5000 but I have 80,000 recipients with a normal broadcast? Is this working correctly? My guess is either that Time Travel broadcast is not going to go out to everyone or the map counter graphic is wrong…

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Hi Michael, the broadcast with the Time Travel option is sent to all the list. Could you send a screenshot of what your Time Travel screen looks like? (ideally with the number of recipients of a campaign also visible). We’ll look into this. Thanks!

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    You can send it to: karolina.stefanowicz@implix.com.

  • I am trying to use time travel with RSS to Email. Did I miss something or is it impossible?

  • KatarzynaPietka

    Hi Benjamin, for now, RSS-to-email is not integrated with Time Travel. However, you can try scheduling your RSS-to-email in a way that suits you and your subscribers best. If you need a hand on this, please contact us via support.getresponse.com .