Troubleshooting Tips: Adding Sign Up Forms on Facebook


If you haven’t included a GetResponse sign up form on your Facebook fan pages yet, you may be missing out on tons of opportunities to add new subscribers. Here are some helpful reminders, taken from the most frequently asked questions of our users. Our answers will help you set up your sign-up form just right.


Remember to log in as your fan page

To add a sign up form to your sign up tab, you must be logged in as your fan page. Omitting that step is an easy mistake to make and will make it impossible to add the sign up form to your page.


To log into your fan page, look to the top right of your Facebook page. Click the link: “Use Facebook as <your fanpage name>” located in the right column below the admin photos.

Only then, click on the Sign Up tab to customize it. Once your setup is complete, you can switch back to your personal profile without affecting the visibility of the sign up form.

Update: This has now changed as Facebook no longer allows to set up apps when logged in as fan page. Instead, keep using your personal profile as you normally would.


Authorizing Facebook and GetResponse to communicate

It is possible to add a sign up tab without activating “Integrations” in your GetResponse user account.


However, if you do this additional step, you’ll have the option to share your newsletters directly on your fan page and personal profile.


To do this, log into your GetResponse account. Click on “My Account”, and click on “Integrations”. Then click the Facebook option and follow the easy directions.





How to change the tab name

Once your tab is set up, you can change the name of the tab by following these steps:


  • Click the “Edit Page” button at the top right of your fan page.
  • Click the “Apps” option in the left column.
  • Find “GetResponse Webforms” and click “Edit Settings.”
  • Change the name to whatever you want. 



How to remove the app

From the same location where you change the tab name, you can also remove the app. It will be hidden on your fan page, but still available, so you can add it back at any time.



How to change tab order

Look for the “Edit” link on the left side of your fan page, just below the list of tabs and your page logo. Hover the mouse over the tab names to drag the tab names to the desired position. Be aware that the “Wall” and “Info” tabs are fixed and cannot be moved.





How to make the sign up page the landing tab

To encourage new Facebook visitors to sign up for your newsletter subscription, you may want to set up your fan page so that the sign up tab is the first thing visitors see. (This works only for visitors who are not yet your fans.)


To make the Sign Up tab the default landing tab:


  • Click the “Edit Page” button at upper right of fan page.
  • Look for “Default Landing Tab” in the center
  • Choose “Sign Up” from the dropdown list.
  • Click “Save Changes.”



Remember, the Sign Up option will not be available in the dropdown list until it has been added to your page.



Watch out for this confirmation page setup mistake

Check your confirmation page setup in the settings of your GetResponse web form. Make sure you don’t use the “Stay on current page” setting, as this will cause the confirmation page to be displayed right on your Facebook tab, which is too narrow to display it properly.




Other reminders

Before you add the sign up form, you need to create at least one web form in your GetResponse account. If you create more than one form, you’ll be able to choose form you want from the dropdown list.


Remember, you can add a sign up form to your business fan page only, and NOT to your personal profile.



How to get help fast

Facebook is constantly changing, and developers are not always promptly informed. So please do inform us if you’re experiencing any problems with our app.


Simply contact our Customer Support. Include your GetResponse username and your fan page address, plus the browser and operating system you’re using, so we’ll be able to help quicker!


Let us know how you’re doing with your Facebook sign ups in the comment section below. Are they working for you? We’d love to hear about your successes and are always ready to help you with any challenges.