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Time to bookmark a new site for some useful email marketing resources. GetResponse.tv features all kinds of video stuff — from product tutorials to interviews with online marketing experts. And it’s now live!

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have some really useful video resources available. You’ll find some of them in our Learning Center and on our YouTube channel. We decided to take our channel one step further and embed it in a dedicated site with an address you’ll easily remember: GetResponse.tv.


What will you find on GetResponse.tv?

GetResponse.tv incorporates all the video content we put out there: videos from the events we visit, interviews with experts, email marketing chats, webinar recordings and loads of resources related to our product. And you can expect much more in the future.


Get Engaged

We’d love to see you get involved with what’s going on at GetResponse.tv, as it’s so much more than just a regular TV channel.  You can discuss videos in the comments. And because it’s tied to our YouTube channel, you also subscribe to receive YouTube notifications about new added videos and interactions.

And if you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll also receive exclusive content and will be the first to know about the latest videos.

From now on, make GetResponse.tv your favoriteTV channel! 😉


Tell us what you want to watch

Visit GetResponse.tv today. It’s an interactive TV channel, so our viewers get the chance to participate in what gets created. Got any suggestions? Is there anything in particular you’d like to see on GetResponse.tv? Let us know in the comments!