Video Demo: Revolutionary Newsletter Editor


We are so excited about creating and launching the new, revolutionary newsletter editor, that we can’t keep it quiet. We’re simply bursting to share this amazing feature with you.

That’s why we recorded a short video, showing a sneak preview of the new editor and plan to publish it a few days before the launch. Take a look and discover the pure joy of creating beautiful newsletters with this amazing tool.

And stay tuned. The launch is just around the corner.

For now, we’re happy to announce that – very soon – we’ll make a beta version of the new editor available for our existing customers.

  • Tom

    Wow, I can’t wait for this new editor to go online. When are you making it available? It will make it sooo much easier for me to create my messages.

  • Mehdi

    This seems a little complicated, I hope you do not remove the already-in-use Email editor which works fine for me

  • HannaAndrzejewska

    Hi Guys,

    We’ve almost finished testing it and I can assure you that it will be much easier, and much more fun to create your emails now. We’re only a few days away from the full launch of the Beta Version.
    And yes, Mehdi – the present editor will still be available but I suggest that you give the new one a chance as it’s much more intuitive and offers limitless edition options never used before.
    You’re gonna love it! I already do 🙂

  • Sutejo TAn

    Time Travel is the only feature I do care about

  • Rob

    so awesome, thank you guys for having vision and foresight!

  • Victor Nganguem

    merci c’est génial

  • Natasha

    This looks like it will so much easier; just a little too late for me. I just switched back to Constant Contact after a year with Get Response. I am happy for your current subscribers because it looks like the new format is a little more user friendly especially when you want to use the same format each week.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Sorry to hear that Natasha – but we do hope you’ll have a chance to try out the new editor yourself in the future! Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

  • DentistFind

    I’m ready to create! lol

  • I used it and very happy with this beta. Hope Getresponse add Video and Document funtion, now is just ready for Picture and Text. Thank ^^

  • John

    Is the ability to resize images disabled in the trial mode or is there a problem with that on the full, paid version? Hopefully it’s just the trial version that crops the images as the features are outstanding and very easy to use and will be just right for the job I need to do.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Hi John – scaling works fine regardless whether you’re using the full or trial version – from what I understand you’re using the cropping function instead, which is a completely different thing. To scale an image, click on it and drag the slider in the toolbox to adjust the size of the image. Hope this helps!

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Hi Barry, at this point having video inside the newsletter as such is only possible with HTML5 which is not yet supported in many email clients. The easiest way to have video is to insert a screenshot from the video and link it to an actual video on youtube (or any other service). When clicked, this will redirect your subscriber from the newsletter to the video.