Video emails improve campaign results. Check out these stats!



[Editor’s note: We’ve recently published a new report, which takes into account bigger data set and provides even more insights about email marketing statistics. If you’re interested then check out our Email Marketing Benchmarks report]

About two weeks ago we gave you some stats that showed confirmed opt in improves campaign results. We received some good feedback on that posting, so we decided to keep the email marketing stats coming!

This time we checked video email results. We were pretty sure that most recipients prefer to see and hear from you, rather than read text. It’s easier, faster and more fun to watch, but we needed proof. After all, if video is so popular, it could make a big difference in your campaign ROI, right?

To make sure our advice was sound, we analyzed over 800,000 emails sent from GetResponse Pro accounts. The results clearly showed that emails containing video received, on  average,  5.6% higher open rates, and 96.38 % higher CTRs than non-video emails!

That’s pretty strong evidence that, once opened, video emails engage the recipient enough to click through at almost twice the normal rate. And these results were achieved by users who had just begun to use video emails following the launch of 6.0! So we also expect open rates to increase as their recipients look forward to the new video emails.

It really makes us feel like we’re offering a valuable service when we can back up our opinions with real stats. After all, it’s your business that will benefit.  Now, back to the stats and what you could do next to improve your campaign results. Are you thinking that it’s too difficult to produce your own videos, even if it means more cash in your pocket?

You could learn how to create a video email in minutes! We’re serious! With GetResponse 6.0, it’s a piece o’ cake – no special training or software needed  − just a webcam and a computer or laptop to access your account. That’s right…you could record and send videos on the road, at events, with customers, anywhere, anytime!

Just think about the possibilities…from personalized messages, product demos, and customer testimonials, to training courses, open house events, and much, much more. Use your creativity to create fun videos, like this special Holiday Greeting! You get the idea. However you decide to add the personal touch, we’re positive that your recipients will more like your video messages more than the avalanche of plain text emails  they get every day. Give them a break!

There’s everything to gain, and nothing to lose. A recent Nielsen report revealed a 71% increase in online viewing time in the last year alone, making video the fastest growing trend in Internet history! Just think about how much time YOU spend on YouTube and you’ll know what we mean.

So don’t miss out on this chance to impress your online following and improve your revenue results! Grab your webcam, pretend you’re James Cameron, and make your marketing ideas come alive!

According to the video emails… Did you know that we have a special Holiday gift for you!? We’re giving you FREE VIDEO EMAILS. FOREVER! All you have to do is purchase or upgrade your GetResponse account between December 3th and January 2nd and you’ll get FREE Video Emails for the Life of your account!


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