Webinar Recording: Get Amazing Open Rates with Bond Halbert!


Last Thursday we had an amazing opportunity to host a webinar with one of the top personas in the field of copywriting, Bond Halbert – an expert on email marketing whose open rates make ESPs amazed. If for any reason you didn’t make it to the webinar, you still can find out about Bond’s tips and tricks – here is a video recording for you to view anytime you wish!

What we Covered in the Webinar

Bond Halbert has provided the attendees with unique materials on making open rates – as he mentioned himself – insanely high. The webinar covered the first two steps to hype your email campaigns – improving the delivery and getting your newsletters opened.

The first part focuses on making sure your emails reach the recipients’ inbox by showing what email opt-in and delivery experience looks like from the subscribers’ point of view. Making your emails stand out of a crammed inbox may seem hardly possible, but Bond Halbert has a solution for every email marketer. Now, all of you can deliver emails with unbelievable results!

The second part reveals clear and useful recipes for keeping your subscribers excited about the newsletters they get. Once you provide them with the content they want, they will definitely open your emails, but there is more to emails than just quality content. Achieving high goals depends on fulfilling numerous conditions – Bond Halbert comes with dozens of guidelines on choosing the right content, timing, and other important features of effective email campaigns.

Although we do our best to bring you everything you need in every webinar, we’re always happy to receive response from you – this time, the audience asked a lot of interesting questions. Many of you will definitely find the answers useful, so they’re included in the recording – feel free to find out what other attendees wanted to know. The way to amazing open rates has just opened for you!

The video recording is available below. Click and find out the secrets of effective email marketing with Bond Halbert!

Did you enjoy the webinar? Check out the other webinars we’ve run in the past! Would like to join the next one? Let us know in a comment – we always appreciate your feedback!

  • Well, he’s finally done it. Bond Halbert has started to give priceless advice and knowledge to the masses. He knows what he’s talking about. Love GR email deliverability too! Great combo and stellar content.

  • Jim_Ducharme

    Hi Lawton,

    I think you’ll love the plans we have for future webinars too! Thanks for the kind words! I love working with Bond too!


  • carlpict

    I missed the live session! That’s a shame – hope to catch the next one 🙂 Looks awesome

  • KatarzynaPietka

    Thank you for your feedback, Carl! To find out about our next webinars, sign up for our blog newsletter or become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GetResponse . You’ll get all the updates you need.

  • Jen Titilah

    Exceptionally useful video! I’d love to see more…such as#4.Getting the Click and 5. Building the money tree.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Michael Wright

    Is the video still available? I don’t see it.