What’s Your Email Marketing Success Score? by

Do you ever review the effectiveness of the email marketing strategies and routines that you apply? Do your campaigns deliver the maximum ROI and conversion rates? Or do you feel that, despite your efforts, there’s still some room for improvement?

Now we provide a tool you can use to check and analyze your email marketing strategies and have some fun at the same time.

GetResponse Tips Blog presents Email Marketing Success Tester – a “five-minute questionnaire” that checks your proficiency in the use of advanced email marketing techniques.

The 25 simple questions are a checklist of the top email marketing must-do’s, covering areas such as: list building and management, segmentation, newsletter optimization and deliverability.


Once you get your score, show it off on your FB wall and Twitter posts. Next, use our tips section to get advice on how to improve your email campaigns and sign up for more email marketing tips and resources.

The Success Tester is also a survey that allows us to collect information about the major challenges in email marketing and draw up a report about the implementation and effectiveness of the most important email marketing strategies.

We hope your feedback will be a great addition to our Success Tester and will further help you fine-tune your procedures.

So, get ready, test yourself and show off your results to your friends, colleagues and business connections. And then challenge them to do the same.

  • Thank you for the article and the marketing score… I’m looking forward to checking out my score by the end of the day!!