Wow! 200 Email Contest Submissions (so far)


The contest has been running for 6 days, and we’ve already received around 200 submissions! Thanks very much! We’d like to encourage those of you who haven’t taken part yet to experiment with our new Email Creator and enter for a chance to win.


How to win great prizes

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, we’re running an Email Design Contest.

We’ve made it easy to enter for a chance to win $1000 cash, iPads or free GetResponse subscriptions. All you have to do is create a newsletter in our new Email Creator.

Well . . .  almost all. The newsletter has to meet a few requirements. It has to be creative, organized and beautiful. Hmmm . . . sounds like a description of us ladies here at GetResponse 😉

We’re really looking forward to seeing your designs, so get creative and get to work!



Contest status

So far we’ve received around 200 submissions of various kinds – it’s so fascinating to browse them and see all the different ideas you have.

Some contestants are using our templates and modifying them with their own content. Others are creating from scratch; (you can do this using the blank template.) And some are using the HTML editor with their own code.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you’re using your own original ideas and really are creating your newsletter inside GetResponsethat’s what counts!


There’s still time

The deadline is June 26th, so get started right away. You’ll discover that the new Email Creator inside GetResponse is quick and easy.

We’re looking forward to receiving your inspiring designs – and we already know picking the winners will not be easy! But we really appreciate you taking on this challenge for us – we love challenges, especially those that inspire us.



How to get started

To enter the contest:

  • Log in to your account or set up a GetResponse 30-Day FREE Trial account (no strings attached).
  • Create your newsletter using all the great capabilities inside new Email Creator.
  • Submit your design using the “Submit and Win” button (the big pink one at the bottom left).


And one more step—enjoy yourself while you’re creating it!

Have you submitted your design yet? Let us know!