You Ask, Experts Answer: Email or Social Media?


Some marketers have been predicting the death of email since the dawn of social media. Yet it looks like email is here to stay after all – and for good. What really are the differences between the two channels? Which one is more effective? We got some really informed answers to two of our contest questions from renowned email and social media experts: Bill McCloskey of and Jay Baer of Convince and Convert.

Bill McCloskey, the founder of, the most eminent and high-profile private network for email marketers, pointed out an interesting thing: email was in fact the first social medium and it still is one of the largest traffic and revenue drivers out there. This is what he said in response to the question asked in our contest by Patricia:

Do you think that email will tend to disappear in the future due to the use of social media?


You would think Jay Baer, himself a social media consultant and speaker, might have a different point of view when it comes to the effectiveness of email and social. But Jay is well aware of the differences between the two channels which according to him lie mainly in the expectations of consumers. See what he responded to Christine’s question:

Are email campaigns more effective than social media, such as Pinterest, Facebook etc. to promote products and services?



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Which has been more effective for you so far – email or social?

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  • ericscott

    I feel that email marketing is more effective for me. As it
    helps me to get the immediate response of my customers and helps me to generate
    the leads easily. But I always take care of the mailing list that I am using and
    the content of mail so that I can attract my customers easily towards my
    services and offers.

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Thanks Eric, as they say, the gold is in your list so that’s definitely the right direction!