You Asked For It! RSS-to-Email, Coming Soon


Hold your breath, all ye bloggers and blog readers out there! A brand new RSS-to-Email feature is coming (and I know how much you wanted it!) It’s like no other RSS-to-Email feature you’ve seen. And while we’re adding some finishing touches to it, here’s a sneak peek at what to expect.


I know you’ve been waiting for this one. And if you want to share posts from your blog – or blogs – or simply want to curate interesting content from favorite sites and share it with your subscribers, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the new RSS-to-Email feature inside GetResponse.

In fact, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it.


Customizable Content

It’s not just an ordinary RSS-to-Email that automatically sends links to the latest blog posts. It’s much more than that. We asked bloggers what they needed and we’ve designed it as a robust and flexible feature that lets you control and customize the content before it’s sent out.


Controlled Distribution

Choose the frequency of the email digest, decide on the number of posts, and select those that are most valuable, arranging them according to date, number of comments and other criteria.


Sensational Formats

With the new RSS-to-Email feature inside GetResponse, your periodic blog digest won’t be just a list of links.

Choose from customizable templates, change the layout using the simple functionality of the new Email Creator (yes, we’re all about simplicity) – and make it a nicely designed email your subscribers look forward to.

Every month, every week or every day – you decide.



Whoa, Bloggin’ Boys and Girls!

Can’t wait to lay your hands on it? Stay tuned for the launch news very soon!

And in the meantime, let us know whether — and how — you plan to use it!

  • John Downley

    Wow… If there’s anything I’ve been missing with GetResponse, it’s been a kick-butt RSS-to-email. I’d like to set up a weekly digest that goes to all my readers. Can’t wait to put my hands on the new feature.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Thanks John – I’m sure you’ll like it!

  • Dave

    This just sold me on switching to Getresponse… hope it’s released soon. This is the ONLY feature that was missing in get response for my needs.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Then we’re really glad we’re releasing it! It’s a matter of a couple of weeks, tops so you’ll soon be able to give it a try.

  • Vive

    I am a member of Getresponse and have been waiting for this feature and can you let me know when its supposed to be added. Thanks

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Hi, Good news – itt’s already in your account – we released it a couple of weeks ago!