You’re Invited! Live Webinar on Social Etiquette by

Is communicating via social media different from any other social interaction? What should we keep in mind? How is it different (or is it?) from communicating via other marketing channels? Jim Ducharme and I will be discussing this with other industry experts during a live webinar this coming Monday, (details below.) Come join us!


Social Etiquette: Everything I Need to Know About Social Media I Learned in Kindergarten

That’s the full title of the webinar – and yes, it’s a bit provocative, but it’s meant to be that way.


You’ll get power tips from top experts

Along with Remy Bergsma and Oliver Blanchard, Jim and I will be challenging assumptions and giving tips and advice about communicating via social media from our own experience.


You’ll get answers to your questions

How should you change the way you communicate with your customers across various channels?

Are there different rules of etiquette for your email marketing, social media and customer service communication?

Should you in fact differentiate between various social sites and communicate differently on your blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?


You’ll help make the new rules of social media

What rules do you follow? And how are they different from how you interact with people in real life?

Your opinion counts! Let us know what’s working for you – in the comments below and during the webinar.


Sign up by clicking the link below:

Day/Date: Monday, January 9th, 2012

Time: 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST.

Come and have a chat with us. We’re looking forward to what you have to say!