• http://www.onsalefree.com/ Mazwen

    Hi, this is a great idea. I would prefer to use social media sign up too rather than manual sign up on some websites.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5ID2PUECG5RH5DKOGM74LVBOGA Designer

    Hi, thanks for the information. I prefer to use social media sign up instead of doing manual sign ups on different websites. Sometimes I may feel hesitant to sign up on different sites.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the feature, but my split-testing shows that people don’t want to use this form.

    My suggestion to all marketers is to test, don’t just assume this is going to improve conversions.

  • Karolina_Stefanowicz

    Hi Eric, Thanks for the comment – of course, we’re not saying everyone should use it and it’s always a good idea to split-test to see what works for you and your potential subscribers and customers, and then make the decision.