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Fix Your Metrics & Take Your Email Marketing to Greater Heights

Imagine your are flying a plane. From the captains chair you look around, certainly a nice view. In your cockpit are also lots of gages and meters, like speedometer and altitude. A layout of the cockpit is made so that the primary gauges – the ones you look at the most – are clustered towards the center of the dashboard. There are also secondary gages like the fuel gage, engine temperature and oil pressure.  Read more

Wakeup Call: Begin Your Emails with a Call to Action in Mind

Every email has a goal and 99 out of a hundred times that involves the subscriber taking an action. So the call to action is one of the most important parts of any email. But what if you can’t find them? While it could have been a Call to Action hero, you can imagine that an email that doesn’t include a CTA that spells out exactly what is it the subscriber should be doing, is doomed to fail. Fail. Fail.  Read more

Prove and Improve the Worth of Your Email Marketing with Smart KPIs

Email marketing is highly measurable – as a result, there is a variety of metrics available to every email marketer. All these statistics can be even a bit too much. KPIs are often not well understood. What makes a number a key performance indicator? What type of information should be reported? In this series of posts I’d like to share some words on making email marketing metrics insightful and actionable. Starting with Metrics, KPIs and other marketing drugs. Read more