• http://www.it-sales-leads.com/ Barbara Mckinney

    Great article here
    Jordie!Segmentation is becoming more and more of a must-have in the world of
    email marketing, and the marketers who take advantage of it and do it well
    are reaping higher click-through rates, better deliverability, and generating
    more revenue from their email sends than their non-segmenting
    counterparts.Sometimes it’s good to break the rules to become more effective
    on our campaign and to stand out from the crowd.

  • http://twitter.com/jvanrijn Jordie van Rijn

    You are right Barbara, thanks for your comment. Although your deliverability might not always become better once you start segmenting, revenue certainly can get a big boost.

  • Jericho

    Love the examples – thanks :)